What’s New and Free in the Kentico Marketplace?

Three new items have been published in the Kentico Marketplace in the last two months. Zoho CRM Module, AW Exchange Rate Provider, and the Smart Search Results web part. Let's have a look at these in more detail!

Zoho CRM Module

Brian McKeiver from BizStream, a Kentico Gold Partner from Michigan, USA, recently developed and submitted to our Marketplace the Zoho CRM Module for Kentico 8. The purpose of this module is to provide two way synchronization between Kentico EMS Contacts and Zoho CRM Leads, i.e. it allows you to synchronize Zoho CRM leads to Kentico Contacs and thanks to custom Marketing Automation Process also push the Kentico Contacts into Zoho CRM. It also includes some additional funcionality like subscribing leads to a newsletter or inserting leads into a contact group.

Zoho CRM Module - Preview

For more detailed information about the Zoho CRM Module, please read the Brian's blog. The module is available for free and can be downloaded directly in the Brian's blog or in our Marketplace.

AW Exchange Rate Provider

If you want your e-commerce store exchange rates to be always up to date, then you will probably appreciate the AW Exchange Rate Provider by Citytech, a Kentico Gold Partner from United Arab Emirates. This utility allows you to easily update exchange rates according to the rates provided by Google, WebServiceX or PayPal. You can update them manually by clicking the update button or you can create a scheduled task to update the exchange rates automaticly on a regular basis.

AW Exchange Rate Provider - Preview

To download this utility, please visit our Marketplace.

Smart Search Result

The last new addition to our Marketplace is the Smart Search Results web part by Devotion Digital, a Kentico Gold Partner from Australia. This web part displays the search results in a way similar to Facebook, Twitter or some other sites. Instead of showing pagination links it loads the data dynamically on a button click. In the web part properties you can set how many results do you want to display on one button click and the maximal number of displayed results.

Smart Search - Preview
For more information or a free download, please visit Kentico Marketplace.
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