What’s New and Free in the Kentico Marketplace?

A lot of new items have been published in the Kentico Marketplace in the month of July. Let's have a look at them!
Multi-steps Online Forms

Do you have long online forms on your website? Divide them into several steps with the new Multi-steps Online Forms web part by eLogic, a Kentico Gold Partner from Italy. The web part utilizes the alternative forms functionality, so all you need to do is create one alternative form for every step of your desired multi-steps form. In the web part properties, you can then select the alternative forms (steps) you want to display – you can also easily change their order.

For more information, please read the installation instructions included in the download package. The package is available for free in our Marketplace.

E-commerceLogic PayPalPro Provider

Another new addition to our Marketplace is the PayPal Pro Provider, which was also developed by eLogic. It is a payment gateway provider that replaces the standard Kentico PayPal provider when you need to use the PayPal Pro payment solution.

For more information about the differences between PayPal and PayPal Pro payment methods, please visit the PayPal pages. To download the PayPal Pro provider by eLogic, please visit our Marketplace.

E-commerceLogic Address Management

As the name suggests, eLogic is also author of the third new item in our Marketplace, which is the E-commerceLogic Address Management web part. It allows your customers to manage (create, edit and delete) their shipping and billing addresses. The web part is fully customizable – all displayed texts and labels can be modified in the web part properties.

For more information or a free download, please visit our Marketplace.

Multiple Choice Dual List (With Sort)

Avastone technologies, a Kentico Gold Partner form Wisconsin, recently submitted the Multiple Choice Dual List form control to our Marketplace. The form control consists of two list boxes – the left one containing all available and remaining items, and the right one containing the selected items. You can easily move items from one side to another and change the order of the selected items.

The Multiple Choice Dual List form control is available for free in our Marketplace.
RequireJS Webpart

If you want to use RequireJS within your Kentico site, the RequireJS web part by Data, Inc., a Kentico Gold Partner from Colorado, can be useful. With the right configuration, you can also set up the web part to minify your code.

For more information, please visit the product page.
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