What’s New and Free in the Kentico Marketplace?

Only one new item was submitted to our Marketplace last month, but it may be worth your while, especially if you need to store geograhic locations in your custom table or on-line form. So let's have a look at the Geography Selector form control by Seventyeight Digital!
Geography Selector was developed by Kevin Clarke from Seventyeight Digital, a Kentico Gold Partner from Canada. It's a custom form control that allows users to easily set a geographic location (latitude and longitude) by dragging a marker onto a Google map.

Geography Selector Preview

The default value for the latitude and longitude is determined by attempting to find the current user location, which can then be refined manually.

Seventyeight Digital also prepared a great video demonstrating the form control which can be found on their pages.

The Geography Selector is available for free. To download it, please visit our Marketplace.
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