Webinar wrap up: Usability Testing for the Greatest User Experience

Thanks to High Monkey for this fantastic webinar!

How do you really know if you’re website’s user experience is great if you haven’t witnessed actual users using it? And how do you know that your new website is going to be great if your users aren’t the ones driving the decisions? The answer to both of these questions is, you don’t. Be wary of a web designer that offers all of the answers before ever talking to your users. Every organization and its users are unique in some way, and with usability testing you can gather the insights you need to take out the guess work and start designing human focused websites.  
Great User Experience is what happens when the project team understands its users, and just throwing some Usability Testing in at the end of your web design project isn’t going to do the trick. This method is much too common and will almost always leave you with a laundry list of improvements that you want (and need) to make, but not enough time or resources to do it. Usability testing should be a core element of the project, and included at several iterations during the design process to not only reveal usability issues that need to be resolved, but drive design decisions.

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