Webinar: Website “Build It” Workshop – Kentico EMS 7

Join us for an exciting webinar!

Date: July 17, 2013
Time: 8-9 AM PST/11-12PM EST/4-5 PM BST
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Chad Heinle, a Senior Consultant from High Monkey Consulting, will be sharing the steps we followed to build our own website in Kentico EMS 7.  This workshop will first review the planning and requirements stage and the creation of an Information Architecture and wireframes.  The majority of the webinar will be focused on the build process and the implementation of Kentico EMS 7.  In addition to seeing the public facing and CMS Desk views of HIGHMONKEY.COM, Chad Heinle will be doing some live site building on a Kentico demo site.  Everyone is welcome to attend, however, this workshop is primarily intended for webmasters, site builders, page and site designers, and content editors.  There will be some discussion about the details of how things are built but this workshop is not a “deep dive” into code or custom development.
This “build it” workshop will give you an overview of what goes into building a website using the Kentico EMS platform and some best practices to consider for your next website build.      

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Learning Outcomes:
Attendees will understand….
  • How an Information Architecture and wireframes serve as a website “blueprint”
  • Graphic Design “Build It”
    • How design mockups should be “cut up” prior to implementation
    • Implementation of designs
  • Site and Page “Build It”
    • Setting up a master page and style sheet
    • Defining page templates
    • Layout of content and webparts
    • Landing pages and content pages
    • Examples of pre-defined Kentico page templates
    • Search results page
    • Adding content to page templates
    • Adding images as content
  • Custom “Build It”
    • Implementing a custom image rotator
    • Filtering by metadata categories (project portfolio)
    • Repurposing content in multiple areas of a website
    • Blog setup using a separate URL
  • Other helpful tips and best practices
About High Monkey
High Monkey Consulting is a Certified Kentico Partner and has long history building CMS powered websites.  With offices in Minnesota and Michigan, High Monkey has clients throughout the United States and Canada.  We have the crazy idea that websites should put the end user first and be easy to use.  We believe that the best technology and tools in the world can’t provide a good user experience without thoughtful planning, a solid user experience methodology, AND website “Build It” best practices.
About Chad Heinle
A Senior Consultant at High Monkey Consulting, Chad Heinle has built a considerable number of public facing websites, Intranets, and secure portal sites.  Chad is a .NET developer and brings creative experience and training as a graphic designer into every website build.  With a degree in Graphic Design from the Art Institutes International Minnesota and a wide range of experience in website development, Chad offers both a thoughtful and critical eye to his work and a passion for creating web solutions that are intuitive and easy to use.    
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