We need to know if we can eliminate IE 6.0 from the admin UI


A poll for you to determine if supporting IE 6.0 is really necessary.

Hi there,

What I would like to know is whether we can stop supporting IE 6.0 in the administration UI (CMSDesk, Site manager). The reasons why we would like to do that are following:
  1. IE 6 typically needs a lot of hacks (different CSS) to behave the same way like the other browsers
  2. It takes a lot of time to make the CSS and layouts supporting IE 6 and we could use that time for other things
  3. We don't believe that there is a majority of clients who would need it, so we think everyone could profit from not supporting this and dedicate the spare time to new features of Kentico CMS.
Current list of supported browsers is following:
  • IE 6.0, IE 7.0, IE 8.0
  • Firefox 3.5 
  • Safari 4.0 or Firefox 3.5 on Mac OS

Of course the browsers supported on live site will stay the same (including IE 6), since no one can control the browsers of visitors.

Please vote for the browsers you need to be supported for your content editors, and please don't vote for IE 6 unless you know you absolutely need it.

I also added the browsers which are currently not supported to see your preferences.

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Martin Hejtmanek

Hi, I am the CTO of Kentico and I will be constantly providing you the information about current development process and other interesting technical things you might want to know about Kentico.


Filph commented on

I don't understand why people keep mentioning "visitors are on IE", the question being asked here is the IE 6 support in ADMIN.

I say drop the full support for IE6 in admin. It wouldn't hurt to still check out what effects changes have in IE6 and fix minor or easy items to comply but once it starts taking time, forget it. (perhaps acknowledge somewhere so people can't say they wern't told)

how about you bring in Opera support. BOTH admin AND user interface. Currently the context menu doesn't even work with Opera as well as the ADMIN is dodgey as.

IE still sucks and firefox is a resource hog (always has been). I have trouble even just pasting for eg. 1000 lines of CSS in SiteManager (not sure if it's some JS causing this or just my browser config/extensions).

Business Management commented on

My comment would only be that It's only corporates that go out of their way (and know how) to block installation of IE7. And they're not gonna change until it's not supported. Maybe next year http://is.gd/kEm3 ??? If anybody can fathom that page, let us know.

Darren commented on

As much as I hate to say it, IE6 support still has to exist. The main problem is that a lot of company networks still run on Windows 2000 or NT and as such have to run IE6 whether you like it or not. It's not a case of just shouting 'UPGRADE' to people! It pains me to say that almost half the vistors to our site are IE6 users, and I expect this is the same for a lot of corporate sites.

Ryan Wheale commented on

I agree with Neil and Brian. There is no sense in supporting an 8+ year old browser. And we are just talking about the ADMIN areas. You will still be able to develop sites that work in IE6. Anybody who disagrees should not be using the latest version of Kentico. They obviously don't stay up to date... nor do they keep their clients up to date. They should still be using Kentico 3.x. Whenever they decide to take the Ace of Base posters off the wall, they can upgrade both their browsers and Kentico applications. Until then, let them drink clear Pepsi and watch Chumbawamba videos.

Kristina commented on

I say stop the support and development on IE6. It will be a subtle way to push people to upgrade. They will have to start doing so anyways due to the fact that Microsoft is stopping support on IE6 roughly around this time next year. (I forget the date, I think it is June, July or August) Its lived long enough and its time to move the web forward.

Many big sites are already stopping support like facebook and digg.

I understand clients use IE6 but there are other browsers they can use without spending thousands of dollars in hardware upgrades. Firefox works great with the cms and can be installed on machines with Windows 2000 and newer.

Tom Hingley commented on

I had some trouble with the Insert/Edit link dialog in version 4.0, javascript error when clicking Ok. Everything works fine in Compatibility View, and the in new Insert Dialog in 4.1

Martin Hejtmanek commented on

Hi Tom, can you please let our support know or just post here to the comments what are the IE8 bugs you experience. Just for the case it is not something we are aware of. Thank you.

I see you are all contributing with very good reasons why yes or no, keep doing that, the decision haven't been made yet and your comments are very valuable feedback for us.

Brian commented on

I see no need to keep the admin interface fully functional in IE6. The more we continue to make fixes for that browser, the longer many business IT departments are going to lazily not upgrade. I work for a non-profit. Oddly enough, we pushed IE7 about 2 months after it was released. We really didn't have any problems. I'm not sure when we'll roll out IE8, but we are at least on IE7.

Tom Hingley commented on

Yes no need for IE6 support anymore, as long as the IE8 bugs are ironed out.

Neil Fennessey commented on

Mullets, Atari, Corvettes and IE 6. They served their purpose - it's time to upgrade. As for the person who mentioned that her clients still use it - I feel your pain Jen. But the amount of security updates out there should mandate an update. Plus they can use Firefox? Anyway - I still feel your pain but this guy says UPGRADE.

Thanks for posting this vote!

James commented on

As much as we dislike having to do work just for one browser, and an old browser at that, 25% of visitors to our cusotmers' sites still use IE6.

Very few would probably use IE6 to actually edit using the CMSDesk however. I'd be ok with you dropping support for it in the admin areas.


Jen commented on

As annoying as IE6 is - we still have major clients demanding our software/site that we build for them work in IE6. I really like that Kentico works cross browser so please don't lose that :)

Richard Pendergast commented on

I'm sure that voting for keeping IE6 will make me very unpopular, but unfortunately, because we deal with a lot of charities and not-for-profits, we quite often find ourselves working with IT infrastructure frequently made up of outdated hardware and software.

If these were smaller charities and NFPs this would not be an issue, as I'd simply recommend upgrading, and would easily demonstrate the cost benefits of doing so. However, once they become nation-wide organisations made up of hundreds of satellites, this becomes a heavily regulated internal discussion that I am not part of.

The reality is that at some point these guys will have to upgrade, but knowing them as I have begun to, I am sure that they will hold off as long as they possibly can before doing so.

In the meantime, we have hundreds of satellite offices expecting that they will be able to continue maintaining their websites via CMSDesk using IE6.