Want to Beta Test the Kentico Developer Certified Exam?

As we complete the training rollout for Developers and Content Administrators I am happy to announce that we are preparing for the next phase, the release of the Kentico Certified Developer Exam. In this post I wanted to provide a general overview of the beta exam process and an opportunity for those interested to sign up for consideration as an exam beta tester.
During the exam development process, we would like to select developers who are interested in conducting an objective and critical review of the Kentico Certified Developer exam before it become available to the public. Your participation helps us to produce exams that are challenging, relevant and accurate.
About the Exam:
The Kentico Certified Developer exam is designed to test the candidate’s knowledge and skills in fundamentals and best practices for building, deploying and maintaining applications a web site with Kentico CMS 5 to deliver dynamic web site content.
Any Questions that contain code will be presented in C#.
The Kentico Certified Developer Exam covers all release of Kentico CMS 5
Your experience:
The exam candidate works in a development environment that uses Kentico CMS and the .NET Framework to create and deliver dynamic web application. The candidate should have at least one year of experience developing application using Kentico CMS, or attended a certified Kentico CMS 5 Developer training
In addition, the candidate should be able to demonstrate the following
·         A sold understanding of the .NET Framework and ASP.NET development
·         Experience in creating data driven web user interfaces
·         Experience in creating layouts using Cascading Style Sheets
·         Experience with setup and deployment of a web site
Your participation in beta exams provides an opportunity to respond to a specific set of questions we have defined for the exam. The test equipment and test environment are delivered online and are the same as those used for the final version of the exam. The exam beta results are used to help determine the final sets of questions and the scoring model for the exam.
By participating you can:
·         Influence the future of the Kentico Certification program. Your expertise and feedback will be used to improve the quality of our exams, which ultimately determines the value of the Kentico Developer certifications.
·         Be the first to pass the exam. If you pass the beta exam, the exam credit will appear on your transcript when the final version of the exam is available.
·         Take an exam for free. In recognition of your time and contribution to our development process, we offer beta exams free to selected candidates.
How to participate
Complete the form below for consideration. If you are selected you will receive notification by May 19, 2010 and you will need to complete the exam by May 26, 2010.

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Thomas Robbins

I spend my time working with partners and customers extending their marketing and technology to the fullest.


Thom Robbins commented on

Sorry about that. We have closed the beta period and you can take the final exam.

hemanthray-gmail commented on

This form doesnt work for me in FF 3.5 the Country drop down refreshes all the time

Thom Robbins commented on

We won't finalize the final cost model until we complete the beta and finalize the entire delivery model. At this time we don't have any plans on rolling out different levels of certification. We are still exploring what other certifications may make sense as we look at Kentico V6.

Anthony Leonard commented on

Hi Thom,

would you have any idea of costs regarding certification post beta?
will there be multiple levels as per CCNA, CCNP?


Thom commented on

Thanks - a little copy and paste issue. Went ahead and fixed it for others.

Jason Hines commented on

FYI, you have two of the same questions.