Visual Workflow Designer: Improved usability in hotfix 7.0.11

One of our team members, Jiri Slapak, implemented two minor usability improvements for the Visual Workflow Designer during "innovation time". We decided to integrate these changes into the recently released hotfix 7.0.11, so you can benefit from them. Read further to see what's new.

Drag & drop from toolbar

The first of the minor improvements is improved drag & drop of a new step to the designer area. You can drop the new step to an existing connection between two steps, so the step is automatically connected to these two steps.

If you drag the new step above the existing connection, it is highlighted to indicate the special behavior.

After the drop, the step is automatically connected.

Reconnecting the connection

One of the unfriendly behaviors in the designer was reconnecting an existing connection. Before you could reconnect a connection, you had to select it as a first step and then drag the end point of the connection to another step. After applying hotfix 7.0.11, you can simply drag any part of the connection to reconnect it to a different step.

You can reconnect the connection without previously selecting it.


We would be very happy to hear from you. How do you like these changes? Please leave us a comment below.

Please note 1: Make sure you delete the browser cache after applying the hotfix.
Please note 2: These changes apply to the Marketing Automation designer as well.
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Jaroslav Kordula

Jaroslav joined Kentico in 2006. He is a Technical Leader in a development team whose main focus is content management. This includes Documents, Custom tables, Media libraries and other related functionality.