Video: Wayne Jasek Discusses Kentico Enterprise Marketing Solution with Deepend

Kentico's Australian Partner Deepend - an award-winning digital brand communications agency - has created an excellent video interview with our Director of APAC Operations, Wayne Jasek. If you’re interested in learning about recent changes in website businesses and how can you take your online marketing efforts to the next level - watch the video!


What has changed?

Wayne Jasek says: We can see that web business has changed a lot over the last couple of years and that websites are no longer just about displaying information to the site visitor or tracking site analytics. Today it is much more about interaction, socializing and tailoring the user's browsing experience based on their personal needs and preferences. Kentico provides you with a 360-degree view of your website content, visitor behavior and your online marketing activities, and connects all these pieces together to deliver a personalized user experience and powerful lead management tools. And it also allows you to measure a clear return on investment ratio of your online marketing efforts, may it be banners, mailing campaigns or special offers that you're selling.

Power in the hands of users

We can see user experience being very important for business and for the users; it’s no longer up to IT administrators to manage the website. The power is now in the hands of a normal user who needs to easily and efficiently work with the website content. We’ve seen Kentico EMS to be used widely across many industries and there is clear return on investment that has been demonstrated by using Kentico as an online marketing solution. If we compare the value for the money that you get with Kentico, you are getting much more in a single package than you would if you combined several other products together.

All-in one solution

As with any powerful system, complexity and rich functionality means putting the power in the hands of the software user and trusting they will perform their activities correctly and timely. To avoid those repetitive, tedious tasks that require frequent action on the user side and eliminate the possibility of errors, we've created a visual-based interface which allows you to set up fully automated processes including dynamic steps with custom conditions. 
Unlike other solutions, we have decided to keep the system's integrity by building every component ourselves, which reflects with lower hardware requirements - and also you're maintaining and upgrading only one system instead of five separate products. The whole system is accessible via our single interactive interface with unified user experience which reduces the costs for training and additional education.

Future in mobile

We've recently introduced mobile device layouts and better support for mobile enhancement, which allows you to very easily add any number of devices into your website and tailor the user experience based on specific width and height of the given device screen size. We can see our future in enhancing several areas of the system itself, may it be mobile, user experience (which is a continuous effort that we’re making), deepening the functionality of the most core features of the system, and online marketing activities. 

Increasing productivity

So you can now build a business logic in your system that will increase your productivity and efficiency, and most importantly it will operate without any further personal interaction needed. All-in all, we believe in the power of a fully integrated CXM solution and that is why we provide Kentico EMS, which is a complete all-in-one platform with exceptional value for money, and I encourage you to visit our website at and start your own free trial to discover its full potential.
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