Use document names for URL paths

This article gives you instructions on how to configure your CMS to use document names for URL paths.
If you have more than one culture in your CMS you have probably noticed that the URL paths of your documents are same in each culture unless you specify their own path. You can take advantage of the fact that your documents have localized names (every document can have its own localized name in each culture), so please go to the Site Manager -> Settings -> URLs and SEO and check the Use name path for URL path setting. From this moment on, all new documents would have their live URLs according to their names. However, what to do if you already have some documents created in different that default culture? In this case, following module is the one you are looking for, so please:

1) Download this package, import it (please don’t forget to check the Import files property in third step)

2)    Add a new UI element to the Site Manager -> Development -> Modules -> Site Manager -> User interface -> Site Manager -> Development section with following properties:
Display name: DocumentName URL
Caption: DocumentName URL
Target URL: ~/CMSModules/DocumentNameURL/Default.aspx

Now you can update your document’s URLs in the Site Manager -> Development -> DocumentName URL section.

You can choose the site and the culture you want to update your document URLs at, you can specify the where condition, and only select some of them (for instance just a sub-tree). The Show documents button shows you your current selection and the Update button does the actual update.

Applies to: Kentico 7.x
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