Upgrade Kentico CMS from v6 to v7

As promised, today we have published the upgrade from version 6 to 7. Additional information about the package and upgrade procedure can be found in this article.
I am really happy to announce that the final upgrade package from Kentico CMS 6 to Kentico CMS 7 is ready. The package is available in the Kentico Installation Manager, or you can download it from our Upgrade page

If you are using manual upgrade, please read the instructions for the procedure because there have been some changes from previous upgrades, particularly in upgrading Web application projects. If you are using automatic upgrade with our upgrade utility, the whole procedure is easy to use and straightforward.


For all API changes from version 6, you can continue with Martin’s post.

Should you encounter any issues, do not hesitate to contact our support.
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Juraj Hrinik

Hi, I’m Juraj Hrinik, as a product owner for "Community & Intranet" I'm responsible for planning and improving features in Kentico with major social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ etc. and all intranet features (WebDav, Sharepoint, Project management etc.)


Chris commented on

After the manual db upgrade I was getting a weird error that indicated an NVarchar column was acting as a datetime column as part of running this SQL:

FROM View_CONTENT_News_Joined
WHERE ( ( ( ( NodeSiteID = 2 )
AND ( Published = 1 )
AND ( DocumentCulture = N'en-US' )
AND ( NodeAliasPath LIKE N'/News/%' )
ORDER BY NewsReleaseDate DESC

To correct the issue I had to run:
EXEC sp_refreshview 'View_CONTENT_News_Joined'

santads commented on

nice blog.