Upgrade from Kentico CMS v7 RC to v7 Final

We promised to deliver the upgrade from v7 RC to v7 Final by the end of this week; here it is. Read the article to learn more ...

I am happy to announce that we have just released an upgrade package from Kentico CMS 7 Release Candidate to Kentico CMS 7 Final.

You can either download and run the upgrade package from this location:


or run your Kentico Installation Manager and upgrade your projects with it.


The upgrade will make your installation v7 final, so you may then continue by installing the latest hotfix if you wish.

The upgrade procedure should be seamless as usual. There were just minor internal changes in the API from v7 RC to the final, so you shouldn't have any problems updating your code.

Should you encounter any issues, do not hesitate to contact our support.
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Martin Hejtmanek

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