Updated HOL: Kentico CMS 7: Custom table: Creating and Display available now

This is an updated lab. Thanks to everyone that provided feeback.

Kentico CMS provides custom tables as a way to store and manage custom data. Technically, they are SQL tables and coupled stored procedures. Once a custom table is created and contains data, the next step is to provide a display for site visitors. In this lab we will add a custom table and then use the Basic Repeater web part to display it on a page. We will also look at how to use the Kentico CMS API to add and edit an existing item.
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Hands on lab: Custom table: Create and Display
Lab 1: Creating a custom table
Lab 2: Adding a custom table
Lab 3: Creating the display page
Lab 4: Displaying custom table data
Lab 5: Editing the default Transformation
Lab 6: Adding customer table data with the API
Lab 7: Editing custom table data with the API

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