Understanding the ROI of Content Development and Marketing

Thanks to everyone that attended my sessin at Customer Engagement Technology World!

Engaging customers and prospects is no longer a single channel, one-way communication. Marketers must engage more deeply and communicate in multiple ways.  Content marketing provides materials that target customers and make them stop, think and behave differently through delivering high quality relevant and valuable information with the goal of driving profitable customer action.  Producing consistent and useful content is a competitive strategy to outpace your competition.  However, simply engaging is no longer enough. Marketers must be able to track and measure the quantitative impact of their efforts, clearly demonstrating the link between their programs and business results.  The failure of many marketing campaigns is not related to a lack of effort or creativity – it often relates to a lack of structured analytical thinking about the purpose and objectives. 
Attend this session and learn how to:
  • Identify business objectives: Why does the campaign exist?  What is its ultimate business purpose?
  • Define measurable goals for content
  • Define goals for each objective: What are the specific things the campaign must do accomplish the business objectives?
  • Define key performance indicators (KPI) for each goal: What metrics will be used to measure progress toward each goal?
  • Define thresholds for success and failure: What are the target values for each KPI?
  • Understand the content lifecycle and what is required to scale and optimize the right content to the right channel and measuring impact.
  • Focus on strategies that allow more effective connections with various stakeholders across a number of social channels, drive conversations, and influence customers.
Slides available here:
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