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Hi there! In this blog post I would like to share what’s new in the Kentico training program and our developer certifications.
Our training program started back in 2010. Since then, we trained hundreds of people. Because the product is changing along with the requirements of our customers, we realized that in order to deliver the highest value possible, we need to listen to our customers and act on their feedback. That’s why there have been a few changes with the Kentico 8 training. We also have several changes coming up in the near future that you can look forward to.

So without further ado, here are the trainings you can sign up for right now:

Developer training

Our partners have told us that there’s a lack of developers with Kentico experience out there on the job market. Because we want our partners to be successful, we want to help make the developer onboarding process as efficient as possible.

The Developer Essentials (DEV01) training course guides developers through the typical development process of a small website. After attending this course, front-end developers will be able to convert a static website into a dynamic website, which can be managed by content administrators.

The course takes 3 days and is taught by an experienced Kentico consultant. No programming skills besides HTML, CSS, and ASP.NET essentials are required.

Content administrator training

The Content Administrator Essentials (CA01) training course ensures that website content authors and editors are ready to leverage all the content administration features within Kentico. They will learn how to add pages to a site and use the Kentico Content Management Solution applications to add and manage dynamic and interactive website content.

This course takes 2 days. We recommend the Content Administrator Essentials training for business users with no programming experience.

Online marketing training

Today, a company’s online presence is not just about having a website. Marketing teams need to actively engage site visitors and turn them into paying customers.

The Kentico Enterprise Marketing Solution Essentials (CA02) training teaches marketers how to leverage Kentico online marketing features to set up and track marketing campaigns, segment visitors into groups, personalize the website according to visitor interests and actions, run email marketing campaigns, and much more.

This course takes one day. We recommend the Enterprise Marketing Solution (EMS) Essentials training to business users with no programming experience.

Want to get trained?

Training classes are held regularly in the US, Europe and Middle East, as well as Australia and the Asia-Pacific region. You can find a list of upcoming trainings, along with pricing information, at With each training course purchase you get 10 training seats at a time, so you can train multiple people from your company simultaneously.

Once you contact your account manager or submit your training request, you will be asked for the list of attendees. A few days before the class, your attendees will receive the training materials and instructions for the particular training.
Trainings take place in the form of a webinar. Each class is divided into thematic exercises. Before each exercise, the instructor explains and demonstrates the concept, and then gives time to the students to complete the exercise on their personal sandbox server provided by Kentico. Student questions are welcome and are answered thoroughly by our trainers.

If you have any questions about Kentico training, please contact your account manager, visit, or send an email directly to the training department at

Kentico 8 Certified Developer Exam

Last week we launched the updated Kentico 8 Certified Developer Exam. The exam gives developers a chance to be recognized as Kentico experts. Having a Certified Kentico Developer on board helps our partners achieve the Certified Partner or Gold Partner status with all of its benefits.

We’ve also made adjustments to the certification rules because a lot of developers have not had the opportunity to work with Kentico 8 yet.

We will continue offering Kentico 7 certification until the end of September. This certification will be valid for 24 months. After this period, developers will need to pass the Kentico 8 exam to continue taking advantage of the perks offered to Kentico Certified Developers.  Of course, we also offer the Kentico 8 exam to developers who feel confident that they can pass the exam on the newest version right now.

All of our certified partners have already received their free certification vouchers and a link to take the test online. If you would like to take the certification test to become a Certified Developer, please visit

Should you have any questions about developer certifications or the partner program in general, please contact us at
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