Top 5 Things When Deploying Kentico CMS to Windows Azure

It’s not every day you get to hack into the Kentico Chief Evangelist’s blog and post whatever you like. Oh the havoc I could spread! Seeing how I’ve already written up some lovely SQL injections, copied a few thousand Trojan horses DLL's, and pretty much ruined Thom’s credit in every way, here’s a bit of useful information for anyone deploying Kentico CMS to Windows Azure.
Top 5 Things When Deploying Kentico CMS to Windows Azure

This article is a recap of the top things that should be configured / utilized when hosting a Kentico CMS site within Windows Azure. The great thing about both Kentico and Windows Azure is that you can choose what features you need and only enable those. This allows for a very customizable architecture to make sure your site is running as optimally as possible, while getting the most out of both systems.

The main areas to covered are:
  • Configuring AppFabric for Session
  • Media Libraries in Windows Azure Storage
  • CMS Azure Storage Root Container Configuration
  • Configuring the Azure CDN
  • SMTP Configuration

Hopefully this will shed a little light on deploying to Windows Azure and learning how to use Kentico CMS on this great platform! OK, now to decide to decide which Caribbean island I’m going to buy with Thom’s credit card…..
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Thomas Robbins

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Nuno Lourenço commented on

Great overview of what really makes a difference!

Remember the audience that AppFabric for Session is REALLY the key multiple instances (aka webfarm)!

Defining your Windows Azure Storage IS PRE-REQUISITE (remember the public key :) )!! Without them you cannot have the Media Libraries / backups / static content if needed (to use in complement with Azure CDN)

SMTP is also a big issue due to no native support on Azure!!

I would add a decent Business Edition Database and always defining on the deployment that you want to "Remote Access"!

Cheers Robbins!