Top 10 Kentico Websites for November 2015


We’re getting close to the holidays. Clearly we’ve all been good because Kentico’s partners have already given us some great website treats. It’s the November Top 10. 

Implemented by Reason One
Kentico Gold Partner

The Canadian Red Cross is part of the biggest humanitarian organization in the world and is dedicated to improving the lives of vulnerable people by mobilizing the power of humanity worldwide, as well as in Canada. Its site, built using Kentico EMS, went through a complete redesign of mobile and UX features, including user testing and rapid prototyping, and a redesign of all campaign/fundraising site features. An intuitive, search-based user experience for the Programs and Services area allows users to navigate throughout the site more easily. These activities have resulted in a 175% increase in mobile transactions, a reduction in bounce rate of 40%, and a 36% improvement in engagement. 

Implemented by Addition Development
Kentico Bronze Partner

DPA Microphones is a Danish manufacturer of high-end microphones and has established their unquestionable reputation as a producer of the world’s best and most professional microphones for any application imaginable. While their product is cutting-edge, the digital image of DPA Microphones needed an update. By focusing strongly on visual presence and user experience, the project’s mission was to provide audio enthusiasts with an easy way to find and research any DPA microphone from among their vast portfolio of customizable products. Addition A/S used Kentico EMS 8.2 to achieve this result. Several high-end magazines are already praising the new DPA site, and especially its feature, which provides users with an overview and access to the right microphone in a split second.  

Implemented by Wakefly, Inc.
Kentico Gold Partner

Dammit Dolls sells dolls, stress balls, and other products to help customers get through dammit moments in life. Their products are durable and made to be slammed, thrown, and squeezed. The aim of the project was a website redesign that would reflect the unique attitude of the brand. Kentico E-commerce platform provided Dammit Dolls with all the order tracking, discounting, and accounting functionality they needed. Integrations with QuickBooks, Ziptax, and, which are necessary to manage their business, were created. The new Dammit Dolls site has been live for a little under a month and has already seen huge improvements in usability. The design would not have been accomplished without the ability to customize everything within Kentico. Since launch, sessions have increased by 11% and users have increased by 14%, with an average session duration increase of 28%.

Implemented by Tellonline
United Kingdom
Cancelled partner

Lanyon is an international provider of cloud-based software to manage meetings, events, and travel. Lanyon had previously purchased a Kentico EMS license but were currently not making use of it, nor did they have training or an understating of its benefits. Tellonline needed to integrate Kentico EMS with Marketo, which involved creating customized code, and amending forms within Kentico in order to pass through specific inputs into Lanyon’s CRM. Tellonline used the Activities module within Kentico EMS to track users movements.This included putting custom activities on resource downloads, form submissions, banner interactions, and identifying whether these activities interacted with blogs or news. Tellonline then created custom reports within Kentico for Lanyon to analyze. Based on data from two four-week periods (before and after the updates), Tellonline found a 62% increase in unique visits overall, a 114% increase in goal conversion rate, and an 8% reduction in bounce rate.

Implemented by Ntara
Kentico Gold Partner

Casablanca Fan Company’s origins date back to the mid-70s, and it is one of the biggest fan producers in the United States. transform the way the customer interacted and bought from Casablanca Fan Company while staying true to the craftsmanship that started the company. It was necessary to pay special attention to the way the site was upgraded because useful content could be carried over, but old, useless content had to be completely purged. The new site utilizes important Kentico EMS functionalities, including Related Content, Custom Page Types, and Custom Modules. The new site has seen several important improvements including a 17.1% lower bounce rate and 4.1% increased revenue. 

Carter Machinery is the premier dealer of Caterpillar construction and mining equipment in Virginia. Their previous website was outdated and did not adequately convey the strengths of the brand or provide an intuitive user experience. The main re-design challenges were the difficulty of engaging a variety of target audiences. The new Carter Machinery website, built on Kentico CMS 8, has implemented a functional, intuitive, and responsive platform that allows customers to experience digitally what they experienced in person in the store. It provides the Carter Machinery marketing team with the tools to foster customer engagement and manage relationships throughout the customer‘s journey. Now, Carter CAT Machinery has the tools necessary to support their existing customer base and initiate marketing campaigns for growth. 

Implemented by BABEL
Kentico Bronze Partner

The IRi website redesign was aimed at configuring for multilingual support, to create global corporate gateway selectors for access to different regions, and to implement eight geo-targeted websites for countries localized in Europe, each with one specific language, using the finished US website design as a base. The planned website completion date and the learning curve were very short in time. There was also need for constant communication between Spain (Madrid, Barcelona), France, United Kingdom, and the United States. For the site’s development, BABEL first created an evaluation of the new content, the content was then matched with the actual content tree, and then all of the ways to load the new content tree were identified. The text was replaced from templates within resource strings.

Implemented by Ridgeway
United Kingdom
Kentico Gold Partner

AB Agri is a unique community of leading agricultural businesses operating across the entire food supply chain. In just eight weeks, their site was designed and built with the purpose of engaging multiple audiences with the story behind AB Agri, reflecting their new brand, and placing them as a people-focused, modern supplier that customers can rely on and trust. The new AB Agri site showcases what AB Agri does, and how they are changing agriculture for the better. It also promotes AB Agri‘s current vacancies. The site, built on Kentico 8.2, has been met with positive feedback from across AB Agri’s businesses.

Implemented by Create Studios
Kentico Silver Partner

ACA provides Australian companies with the ability to match themselves with apprentices and trainees while empowering job seekers with tools to increase their chances of finding their ideal job. The goals of the site were to increase the number of employers posting jobs on the ACA site and increase the number of job seekers applying for each job. The new site is fully responsive and is running on a Kentico EMS 8 license. As part of their redesign, ACA used Kentico EMS’s Personalization, Marketing Automation, engagement scoring, and campaign tracking to understand and tailor user experiences. The site is also integrated with a jobs board system through the back end. Further, the simple GUI allows ACA to make small changes to Marketing Automation quickly and easily. 

Implemented by NetConstruct
United Kingdom
Kentico Gold Partner

Ramsdens Financial Ltd. is a specialist consumer financial services organization that primarily helps people to obtain cash (including through pawnbroking services, etc.). The goals of the project were to re-focus the website so that its focus was on travel currency and travel cards, make the site fully responsive, showcase the stock; including a vastly improved jewelry section, and include more complex options for delivery. The site’s integration requirements were that retail transactions and logins must integrate with a bespoke CRM/ERP system, a catalog of over 5,000 products, integrate with Bantec for travel cards, and Pay4Later, a loan provider, for paying on finance as a payment option. Finally, the site needed customization to interact with different suppliers, instructing them to ship items from their inventory as Ramsdens’s inventory is spread between suppliers.

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