Top 10 Kentico Websites for June 2016


Long, hot summer days are here—finally! So sit back, relax, and soak up the rays. And why not bask in the glory of this month's Top 10? From New York to Australia, these websites will make you feel like you're on holiday, even if you're only treating yourself to a staycation!

Ireland's Ancient East
Implemented by Etain Limited
Kentico Gold Partner

This website was borne under the close cooperation of Fáilte Ireland—the Republic of Ireland's National Tourism Development Authority—and Etain Ltd. The mobile-first site of Ireland’s Ancient East promotes events and attractions of international appeal in this magnificent region. It is fully optimised for tablets and smartphones, with consideration for accessibility and future expansion built into the website’s “living covers”. Reactive elements that move and activate as your scroll were also incorporated. Users can delve into cutting-edge 360° virtual tours, choosing from a range of themed itineraries, each one dynamically programmed into the interactive map, which is powered by JavaScript and Mapbox. The next step will be the addition of a fully loaded journey planner with the ability for users to choose a starting point and final destination, dropping pins along the way.

National Office Furniture
Implemented by BizStream
Kentico Gold Partner

The National Office Furniture website is one of the largest projects BizStream has finished in past few years, requiring 14 months of effort from both teams. It is a complete rebuild of a website into Kentico and shows off National’s product line, locations, and vast offerings to dealers around the US. Dealers can manage orders and their statuses through a private login area, which was achieved by integrating Kentico with Active Directory, SAP, and multiple other internal business systems. The client appreciated Kentico EMS for its abilities in Email Marketing, Contact Management, Responsive Website Support, Custom Workflows, Custom Web Parts, and Custom Form Controls. Even though the site only launched in early June, customer feedback is incredibly positive, and the site performed well at the NeoCon conference, which is the largest furniture conference in the US.

The Kids Cancer Project
Implemented by Adrenalin Media
Kentico Gold Partner

The Kids’ Cancer Project is an independent Australian charity dedicated to supporting childhood cancer research. The aim of the website is to raise awareness of their organisation’s purpose and research outcomes through case studies, research results, and the impact they makes to children’s lives by trying to eliminate the disease. The key goals were to increase their online brand awareness as well as attract new donations to fund their cause. The website also focused on driving conversions on their online store whereby visitors can purchase toy bears as a personal gift or to donate to hospitals who in turn then give to children who are diagnosed with cancer. Adrenalin leveraged Kentico’s E-commerce features and responsive modules, integrating them with third-party systems such as eWay and PayPal payment gateways. The implementation included the creation of custom widgets and components to help assist TKCP’s finance team with reviewing donation, bequest, and e-commerce transactions. Future marketing activities will include leveraging more of the Kentico EMS capabilities such as A/B testing and Personalization.

Multi-prêts Mortgage Broker
Implemented by r42 communication Inc.
Kentico Gold Partner

The Multi-Prets Mortgages project included analysis and strategy as well as UX, interface design, and site architecture. The new responsive site, built with Kentico, is based on an advanced widget architecture for content editors, leveraging EMS Personalization features. The connection with Multi-Prets’s custom CRM enables users to find mortgage brokers and offices based on their geolocation. Multi-step online applications are delivered directly into the CRM, with brokers also being notified via SMS, thus speeding up brokers’ responses and enhancing the overall site experience. The CRM also helps the company manage and customize over 400 microsites. Multi-Prets’s website is fully responsive, accessible from any device in both French and English, and contains custom mortgage calculators. Based on averaged data from the last 60 days, the site now serves more than 100,000 users a month.

Implemented by Rockpool Digital
United Kingdom, USA
Kentico Silver Partner

PEX is an expense management company based in New York City. Their services enable companies to empower their workforce with flexible options for employee spending. Rockpool Digital chose Kentico EMS for its Personalization, A/B and MVT Testing, and Lead Scoring. Personalization delivers relevant content to users quickly, which helps PEX truly understand their customers’ needs, a key differentiator in the industry. Integration with SalesForce and Pardot allows for the generation of a rich source of customer data that drives personalized content through email marketing automation. MVT and A/B tests are carried out on a regular basis to measure and optimize the performance of the site constantly. Compared to the former site, the new one has seen a 25% increase in new users visiting the site, a 22% increase in the number of online enrolment, and a 16% decrease in bounce rate.

Buyers Lab
Implemented by iMedia
Kentico Gold Partner

Buyers Lab’s website sought to serve their customers’ needs and improve the value proposition of their services more directly. They looked to iMedia to design, develop, and deploy its public-facing website utilizing Kentico. The new and improved website had to be developed in a manner that minimized the time it took for staff to create updates. Utilizing Kentico’s built-in functionality iMedia set up multilingual sites, web parts and customizable content pages. iMedia implemented advanced search functionality with sorting, filtering, categorization, and tagging options. Additionally, they had to integrate seamlessly with Buyers Lab’s CRM, email marketing platform, and social media sites. Since the site’s launch on June 13, mobile sessions increased by 33%, session duration by 59%, page views by 14%, and pages per session by 21%. There was also a 24% drop in bounce rate.

Implemented by Kudos Web
New Zealand
Kentico Gold Partner

NorthTec is Northland, New Zealand's leading tertiary educator provider. Kudos Web refreshed and completely updated the client’s marketing website, originally built on Kentico 5.5 in 2012, to Kentico 8. Required outcomes for the project were to clean up the public-facing interface and to reduce the number of key options, making important options more prioritised whilst not having to alter the CMS data architecture dramatically. The client’s development staff needed to have direct access to make development updates to the site through a well-managed process. Another goal was to enable much richer content to be made available for specific programmes of study offered by NorthTec. Kentico gave Kudos Web the flexibility to change the design and dynamic data areas that drive the website’s menus and other dynamic areas without making radical changes to the data architecture in the back end of the platform.

Women On Boards
Implemented by Bambu Digital
Australia, United Kingdom
Kentico Bronze Partner

Women on Boards (WOB) is an independent, action-oriented social enterprise that works with organisations and governments to enact policy and cultural change. They aim to support women, leveraging their professional skills and experiences into board-level roles. With over 35,000 members in Australia and the UK and connection in over 85 countries, WOB has a growing global footprint. Their digital presence seeks to help females with networking, opportunities and challenges that may arise on the way towards their goals. The website needed to be informative and intuitive to be helpful to users. It was also necessary to create different journey for UK and Australian audience, with different currency and database for UK and Australian websites. In addition to these implementation challenges, WOB’s membership also has different levels, meaning Kentico EMS features such as Marketing Automation and Personalization were invaluable to WOB.

Arctic Trucks
Implemented by Tellonline
United Kingdom
Kentico Gold Partner

Tellonline has launched a new website for international modified vehicle specialists Arctic Trucks in a key step towards an integrated online presence. Arctic Trucks decided to consolidate a collection of individual websites into one multinational website that enabled localisation and personalisation, delivering high-quality user experiences on all devices. This involved incorporating huge amounts of content whilst ensuring the website was streamlined, easy to navigate, and had a great user experience. The site has seen a 109% increase in average session duration, a 131% increase in average pages per session, and a 110% increase in page views. The bounce rate has been reduced from 81.75% pre-launch to 52.08% post-launch. Arctic Trucks’s site was developed on Kentico EMS in order to incorporate the Personalization tools for use in future translations, localizations, and personalization developments.

DMH Stallard
Implemented by Distinction
United Kingdom
Kentico Gold Partner

DMH Stallard, an award-winning law firm, provides high-level legal services to clients and entrepreneurial businesses. The new website needed to optimise user experience to engage prospects better. A secondary goal of the site was also to present DMH Stallard as a great place to work, supporting their recruitment efforts. The responsive design and a fresh, professional look inspire confidence in prospective and existing clients. Security and reliability were critical to DMH, and therefore Microsoft Azure was chosen as the hosting platform. Since the site has gone live, there has been a 61% increase in average session duration and a 23% drop in bounce rate. With over 325 website editors, workflow, versioning, roles and permissions are used extensively. Engagement is significantly increased by a bespoke website search index, allowing cross-linking and browsing between related pieces of content.

Customer Success Story

When Ledcor needed a website that would showcase the immense breadth of their business offerings, they turned to Kentico. Their new website conveys the feeling that they are a forward-thinking, cutting-edge, and financially stable company. Find out how they increased returning visitors by 64%!

Ledcor US
Kentico Gold Partner

The Ledcor Group of Companies broad focus contains all types of buildings, from civil (mining, dams, or highways) to heavy industrial (petrochemical, energy, forestry, or utilities). The new Ledcor US Construction website sets a new tone and voice for the company’s US marketing efforts. The modernization is reflected on a seamless mobile experience, parallax effects, sticky navigation, image and video banners, and social sharing integration. Ledcor needed an easy-to-manage system to be updated by the relative newcomers to a CMS. The result is a significant increase in productivity and the ability to update the site within Kentico in a timely manner. Since the new site has launched, there has been a dramatic increase in engagement and frequency (measured between April and June 2016): increase in returning visitors by 64%, increase in mobile traffic by 38%, and increase in organic search traffic by 15.51%.

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