Top 10 Kentico Websites for July 2016


Let’s catch July’s wave and dive into the projects we love this month. From Microsoft Bing Ads to the International Labour Organisation, from supermarkets in UAE to Olympic and Paralympic development in Canada, our July Top 10 goes above and beyond. See for yourself!

Bing Ads
Implemented by Redtech
Kentico Bronze Partner

Bing Ads marketing website is Microsoft’s customer acquisition and support site for its multi-billion-dollar advertising platform, dedicated to helping businesses find more customers via Bing. Bing Ads marketing team chose Kentico EMS for the platform and Redtech for implementation and support based on the proven track record of both companies for delivering a great product and service. Kentico powers more than 25,000 websites, while Redtech has supported Fortune 1000 companies with enterprise CMS needs for over 15 years. Bing Ads team sought to leverage Kentico for its extensive OOB functionality, extensibility, and features to enable digital marketing to run faster and increase ROMI. The site has complex integration needs with numerous other systems, including Dynamics, Marketo, Omniture, customer ticketing systems, and more.

Own the Podium
Implemented by Inorbital Inc
Kentico Gold Partner

Own the Podium's mission is to lead the development of Canadian sports at the Olympic and Paralympic Games. Own the Podium prioritizes investment strategies by making funding recommendations using an evidence-based, expert-driven, targeted, and collaborative approach. The site had to be designed and deployed in a very short time frame in order to be launched in time for the Rio Olympics. The design was challenging to build as it included a diagonal strip that was parallax. The site is responsive and bilingual, incorporating the Twitter feed and accessibility tools along with a variety of micro-animations. Within days, the site tripled in page views primarily because of the Rio Olympics and the increased marketing efforts to promote the new site. Load times decreased when tested, and Google page speed results were 10 points higher than the old site, even though the new site uses full-screen hero images and much more content.

New Hampshire Historical Society
Implemented by SilverTech, Inc.
Kentico Gold Partner

This project sought to showcase the New Hampshire Historical Society’s (NHHS) collections of more than 100,000 historical artifacts, unite their databases PastPerfect and MINISIS, and display an interactive New Hampshire history timeline. SilverTech used Kentico to build an importer tool that includes user management through Kentico’s User Profiles, allowing NHHS to incorporate other historical societies as well as upload their collections to the network from three different database schemas. Using Angular JS, SilverTech created custom search indexes that the client could rebuild through the Kentico smart search module to power various pages as well as render results. Online memberships and data are synced between Kentico and Blackbaud. The project has reached incredible results: a 10.64% decrease in bounce rates, a 750% increase in donations, a 388% increase in newsletter signups, and a 33% increase in organic search traffic.

ILO Infostories
Kentico Gold Partner

The Nobel Peace Prize-awarded International Labour Organisation (ILO) was founded in 1919 as a specialized United Nations agency with the aim of fighting social injustice. They needed to create a responsive website initiated with the iPad-native InfoStories app from 2014, which houses a collection of informative stories about child labour, gender pay gaps, and deceptive recruitment and coercion around the world. Website goals included enabling users to access the stories easily and encouraging them to download the app. The website is easily shared across social media platforms, increasing SEO value and opening it to a wider audience. People with varying levels of technical ability can maintain the website, change the layouts, and customize all content. Interactive features, such as clicks-to-reveal, videos, and game-like features, encourage users to engage fully with the material and maintain their engagement for longer.

Implemented by Get Started
Kentico Gold Partner

Snooze is Australia’s premier bedding and bedroom furniture franchise and has been in operation for more than 40 years. The aims of this project were to upgrade the company’s site to Kentico 8, to integrate the site with a new Product Inventory Management (PIM) system, and to improve site navigation. Kentico’s product module was used to store product information and to ensure that this information could be seamlessly accessed throughout the site. The result of this project is that the website has been brought into sync with Snooze’s other systems, and there is now a single source of truth for product information. Navigation has also been improved through the introduction of category landing pages in place of the pre-existing mega menu. The upgraded site also features a more intuitive user journey, which enables people to find information more easily under related product categories.

Implemented by NetConstruct
United Kingdom
Kentico Gold Partner

Established in the UK in 1999, InXpress is a shipping and logistics reseller franchiser and one of DHL’s largest customers globally. A lack of marketing centralisation had resulted in a poor online experience. With more than 250 franchisees creating their own InXpress-branded websites, this had also meant enormous fragmentation of the brand, over which InXpress needed to re-take control. The business was in a digital mess! NetConstruct was brought in to audit the digital experience and provide a solution that encompassed web design, backend and frontend development and an enterprise marketing system. Functionality and features include: marketing automation, microsites, event booking, document libraries, secure portals and SEO. Going from zero visibility before, several key SEO phrases are now ranking on the first page of Google. The franchise portal contains complex security requirements, which required customisation of Kentico’s role-based security model, and multilingual, country-specific sites.

Implemented by Crafted
United Kingdom
Kentico Gold Partner

Aramar is an IBM business Partner that delivers financial reporting, business intelligence, planning and performance management solutions. The new website aims to reflect the brand, core practices and capabilities, as well as to increase visitor engagement and present info in a clear and visually appealing way. For example, to download files, users must submit a form with contact information, which Aramar can then use to find potential clients. It was crucial to integrate Aramar EMS with Kentico’s custom modules in a way that made them feel built in. The website utilizes Kentico’s event management, email templates, cached pod repository, and smart search functionality. Kentico’s flexibility is proven by the integration with Navision, with MSMQ into the Event Log and also with legacy systems. Enhanced SEO features incorporated into the site enable Google Tag Manager and set global HTML snippets within the CMS.

Eat Wisconsin Cheese
Implemented by Skyline Technologies
Kentico Gold Partner

The Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board (WMMB) is funded entirely by Wisconsin’s dairy farmers, with a goal of increasing sales and consumption of Wisconsin milk and dairy products. WMMB knew that promoting the world’s best cheese would require a world-class website built on a solid foundation of research and a users-first mentality to educate, entertain, and entice. By developing a strategy based on a hierarchical ranking of all features and content based on how effectively they perform these three tasks, Ascedia was able to formulate site architecture and design. WMMB desired a responsive site and a platform that could easily host their portfolio of sites while integrating with a variety of databases. Skyline has had a strong history working with WMMB on past sites and an existing knowledge of their data structure. Skyline migrated lots of legacy information into new data structures in Kentico for easy management.

Arctic Trucks
United Arab Emirates
Kentico Gold Partner

aswaaq manages and operates supermarkets and retail community malls in UAE. They combine the spirit of a bazaar and provide the feeling of an outdoor market located in the heart of communities. aswaaq needed a corporate website with bilingual support and enhanced user experience so they could remain one step ahead of their competitors. The website is fully responsive, enables users to sign into their accounts, and contains customized features, such as a Career Opportunity module and a Leasing Opportunity module. Kentico’s multilingual capabilities enable visitors to choose between languages. There is a messaging feature for logged-in users with which they can send a message to the appropriate admin. Back-end users can log in as an admin and view all the submitted forms. After developing the new website, traffic has significantly improved, and page views have increased by 40%.

Implemented by Lightburn
Kentico Gold Partner

Fourfold is a new e-commerce division of a 100-year-old label and envelope company. Lightburn was tasked with developing an attractive, easy-to-use e-commerce solution that leveraged intelligent search, a streamlined checkout process, and integration with multiple legacy fulfillment systems. The overall goal was to create an easy-to-use experience for an audience that may not be familiar with all of their products. One of the largest challenges was to integrate e-commerce workflows into the existing order management and customer service processes. Kentico comprehensive APIs streamlined and simplified the development processes - resulting in a robust, easy-to-maintain, and high-performing e-commerce site that was completed in only a few short months. Going forward, Fourfold plans to leverage Kentico’s functionality to launch market specific microsites and marketing automation campaigns. While only live for a short time, Fourfold is already experiencing high conversion rates and developing a growing customer base.

Customer Success Story

Hunter Fan customers needed the option to buy online with all the ease and convenience they’d come to expect—on-demand and on multiple devices. Hunter Fan needed to get into the game.

Hunter Fan
Implemented by Ntara
Kentico Gold Partner

Hunter Fan invented the ceiling fan over a century ago, and, for decades, the sales model was distribution and channel sales. Consumers started researching online before, during, and after a visit to the store, so Hunter Fan needed to improve their digital presence. The mission was to consolidate two separate versions of the site, mobile and desktop, into a single responsive site. Ntara built a custom payment gateway provider to transmit payment information to Hunter Fan's payment processing company, 3DSI, creating a more secure process for shoppers and ensuring their information was not stored in Hunter's database. One of the challenging parts of project development was the integration of Hunter Fan's custom product information management system built by Ntara, FanBase, with Kentico. As a result of Kentico’s E-commerce functionality, revenue increased by 112x, transactions increased by 140x and conversion rate increased by 58x.

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