Top 10 Kentico Websites for February 2015


Following the highly anticipated announcement of the Site of the Year winners, we take a look at those sites that made our Top 10 for February. Who knows, maybe one of these fantastic sites might be in the running for Site of the Year 2015 when the time rolls around again. Take a look at sites implemented in the UK, USA, Canada, Czech Republic and Australia.

Implemented by Distinction
United Kingdom
Kentico Silver Partner

Ashridge Business School, consistently placed among the best business schools in the world, partnered with Distinction to redevelop their two websites dedicated to each aspect of the school’s offering: Ashridge house and Ashridge Business School.
Distinction created a fully responsive website that works perfectly across a range of devices. Kentico’s multi-site functionality allowed Ashridge’s marketing team to streamline the administration by updating and maintaining the two sites via the same CMS.
The new system integrates a custom booking system for the Business School site, allowing users to register and pay for courses online. The site’s shopping basket allows users to accumulate orders containing multiple courses, which in turn can contain multiple participants, thus streamlining the process for everyone concerned. Furthermore, Distinction’s development team were able to easily provide the required daily import of Ashridge’s course details from their in-house system, ensuring that the site was kept up-to-date with the latest information and reducing the administration burden by removing the need to maintain two systems.
As the Business School site needed to be as resilient as possible to cope with periods of high traffic, Distinction configured Kentico as a web farm and set up a load balancer to share the burden between two servers.


Implemented by ie Marketing
United Kingdom
Inactive partner

Club Caribbee is a London-based travel agency specializing in travel to the Caribbean. Traditionally, Club Caribbee’s audience had been people who had migrated to the UK from the Caribbean and who regularly returned to visit friends and relations. An ageing client base plus rapidly growing competition on the web had become very real challenges for the business.
The site is built on Kentico 8.1 and took 4 months to complete. Following the massive increase in the use of mobile devices for researching holidays, i.e. Marketing designed and built a brand new, fully responsive website. This was also one of the biggest challenges as the design containing big images had to be easy-to-navigate across all devices. The usability of the booking system also had to be preserved on mobile devices. The booking system works effectively on a small screen and the process to buy flights is now much more intuitive regardless of the used device. Furthermore, the site uses the Blog and News features and integrates with a third-party Flight Booking Engine.
After only a few months, a drop in bounce rates is already visible as well as an increase in time spent on the site and in the number of pages viewed.


Implemented by Luminary
Kentico Silver Partner

Clipsal is a leader in the electrical accessories, data communications, and industrial and home automation markets, and a producer of the USB wall charger. The USB site was built as a campaign site for Clipsal500, one of the largest motorsport events in Australia. Clipsal and Get Started had only a few weeks to deliver a site that would be highly engaging and visually appealing while working well across all devices; the site is completely responsive and mobile friendly. In addition, the site is integrated with the Forms module and a custom-built locator tool that allows users to find their closest electrician. This takes advantage of a custom module in Kentico and the Google Maps integration. The site also allows for easy social sharing.

Implemented by
Cancelled partner

The main task for 4Hilton was to re-brand the site of Jazzercise, a well-known household company. Since implementing the project in Kentico, Jazzercise has hugely increased brand awareness by adding a social media data feed on the new site. 4Hilton used the latest responsive bootstrap layout and mix of Kentico Page Types to build the layout of the pages in a completely modular way. This gives designers and content managers full control of the page templates and allows for an infinite number of layout combinations. Multi-lingual functionality improves the clients‘ ability to manage content in 13 languages, and enhances the management and performance of the website.
The average number of monthly page views has increased from 850,000 to 1.8 milion page views.

Implemented by Inorbital Inc
Kentico Gold Partner

Revera, a leading provider of seniors’ accommodation, care, and services, cooperated with Inorbital in updating the site to meet several requirements. The site has been optimized with streamline navigation by combining separate pages into one page; lazy load has been implemented in most cases of the on-page design. Optimizing queries and HTTP requests presented one of the major challenges as the featured pages are one-pagers with many images, content, and third-party requests. Full responsiveness of the site is planned for the end of March.

Implemented by Catcher Digital
Kentico Bronze Partner

RSM Bird Cameron is a full-service national accounting firm. As their website was outdated and the site was running on unsupported technology, making changes to the site was a cumbersome and inefficient process. RSM wanted to provide their audience with a best-in-class online destination that would support them in their online journey. To do this, they set about modernizing the website with the assistance of BlueArc.
The responsive design effectively meets the needs of users accessing the site via a mobile device. Other features such as the use of lazy loading, which refreshes the content without refreshing the page, together with the use of carousels, ensures the site is dynamic and engaging for the audience.
From Kentico features, RSM employs for example Newsletters, Workflow, UI Personalization, Online Forms, and Security Modules. The RSM website has achieved overwhelmingly positive results in the short time since its launch. Users report a greatly improved user experience which has subsequently seen an increase in enquiries received directly through the website.


Implemented by Pixelbuilders
United Kingdom
Kentico Bronze Partner

New Home Finder is an online property portal designed to promote a range of new build homes in the UK. Generating sales leads for house builders was a key metric alongside other usage stats such as favorited developments and total views. The site had, therefore, two challenges to meet: generate high levels of traffic and then convert the traffic into leads for the home builders. Because the majority of the traffic would come from organic search, SEO performance was key. To ensure high levels of conversion, usability of the site across multiple devices and the whole user journey was another key requirement.
The site is fully responsive while the Hub area makes use of Kentico user functionality and user custom fields. Content tagging is very important to ensure content is delivered based on users’ needs and preferences.
Shortly after deploying the site on Kentico 8, it has delivered the first lead to a developer. It is now ranking on page 1 on Google for key terms such as “New Homes Leeds“.


Just Marketing, Inc., a motorsports marketing agency partnered with BitWise Solutions, Inc., to deliver a responsive and flexible site with improved SEO. Built on Kentico 8, the site now provides the ability to configure and edit a vast majority of content, implements an email solution to distribute content, and features a new product line representation. More weight has been put into social media; social media content has been integrated into the site with feeds, comments, and others. Providing flexibility in the page layouts enabled Just Marketing to configure the layout of content on the pages without breaking the overall design and structure of the site.

Implemented by Sprinx Systems, a.s.
Czech Republic
Kentico Bronze Partner

The website was created for the client "AXA Česká republika", a financial company focused mainly on insurance and investments. The goal was to inform potential customers about one product from their portfolio, called "AXA smallcap" – investing into companies with smaller capitalization. The AXA smallcap website is also connected with the main company investment portal The biggest challenge of the web creation was to prepare a site with perfect responsiveness and accesibility for all possible devices. This full-responsiveness of all presented content is a unique feature in this segment and the website is prepared for all online marketing channels. Kentico 8 was used to build this website, including all its CMS features, like widgets, forms, wireframes, and integrations.

Implemented by 3 Degrees North
Kentico Silver Partner

The Australian Institute of Project Management (AIPM) is the premier, longest-serving body for project management in Australia. AIPM cooperated with 3 Degrees North Pty Ltd., to create an easy to use site with accessible content, while improving the member transaction services available. The two biggest challenges in the site development were a limited design input from the client’s branding agency and a short timeline for completion. The site was created using Kentico 8.1 and is integrated with the iMIS ERP to provide an array of self-service transaction features. Following implementation, immediate improvements in site usage were seen. Site traffic doubled in the first three months and there was a 20% increase in the number of transactions done on site rather than over the phone.

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