Top 10 Kentico Websites for August 2015


Although it could be argued that summer is already behind us, our partners are keeping the heat turned up with yet another month of impressive websites.

Implemented by Tavant
Kentico Silver Partner

Land O’Lakes, Inc., part of AnswerTech, is one of America’s premier agribusiness and food companies, is a member-owned cooperative with industry-leading operations that span the spectrum from farm production to consumer foods. With 2014 annual sales of more than $15 billion, Land O’Lakes is one of the nation’s largest cooperatives, ranking 203 on the Fortune 500.
It was necessary to have a web portal and Ag Technology hub that combined agronomic decision support and management applications in one complete toolbox, to ensure our coops and retailers remain trusted advisors to deliver agronomic tools and insights to growers. There is a logged-in experience for employees and customers that will provide personalized content and single sign-on access to web-based applications. Plus, comparisons of latest marketplace tools to identify the most effective technology solutions with product demonstrations and a look at product performance, and access to mobile and web applications to help growers and retailers make informed crop management decisions. Moving the site from on-premise to the cloud, trying to do things for the first time, and the time it took for research were a challenge. But, they were able to get a lot of help from Kentico support who were able to respond very promptly to any questions without failure.
There has been an 821.86% increase in sessions, a 619.20% increase in Users, a 1,163.43% increase in page views, a 37.05% increase in pages/session, a 73.09% Increase in Session Duration, and a 10.96% decrease in bounce rate.

Implemented by Reason One
Kentico Gold Partner

The YMCA Canada Common Web Platform (CWP) provides individual YMCA associations with a sophisticated enterprise platform for the creation and ongoing management of their association websites. It includes robust content publishing, digital marketing, analytics, and specialized features and functions at a tremendous economy of scale. The CWP enables individual YMCAs to offer a range of online services and information to their communities that no YMCA association would be able to afford on its own.
The YMCA of Canada encompasses 52 independent YMCA associations, each with their own online points of presence (corporate websites, intranets, microsites for programs such as children’s camps, online fundraising sites, and online employment program). The YMCA Common Web Platform utilizes a Kentico EMS 8.x-based YMCA Association Website Template, including fully bilingual (English and French) page templates and widgets, online program and services, marketing content, interactive program and program schedule features, location/facility microsites, email marketing, social media integration, volunteer and careers information and services, and a responsive, WCAG web accessibility-compliant user interface.

Implemented by Crafted
United Kingdom
Kentico Silver Partner

MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company S.A. is a privately owned global shipping company founded in 1970 by Gianluigi Aponte. As one of the world’s leading container shipping lines, with headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, MSC operates in over 450 offices across more than 150 countries worldwide with over 24,000 employees. MSC’s shipping line sails on more than 200 trade routes, calling at over 315 ports. MSC prides itself on its award-winning customer service and wanted this experience mirrored online.
The aims of the site were to leverage MSC’s internal data to enable customers to self-serve online, for example, track shipments, make bookings, check schedules and departures, and make the content update and approval process easier. Crafted delivered 130 agency websites (with two million documents globally), in nine languages within a single Document Tree. The website uses one global domain, with Kentico negating the need for multiple country microsites, and was created over 14 months. Also, an agency template was created using the refreshed MSC branding, conveying a united look and ensuring consistent messaging across each of the 130 sites. By cloning pages with Link Documents, each website has a logical sitemap that can be crawled by Google. In addition, Kentico EMS gathers behavioral data that MSC will be able to use to create personas to tailor content to these user groups in future. There were more than 118,000 sessions (visits) on the day of launch with an average number of pages viewed per session of 3.98, compared to 1.65 pages before. MSC is the only one of its rivals to boast a responsive website.

Implemented by thunder::tech
Kentico Gold Partner

Corporate Translations wanted a site that was more indicative of the mission-critical, innovative, and wide-ranging services they provide in translation services. They needed a CMS that would be flexible enough to help enable the effective content strategy and design goals they had established. The biggest challenge of the project was to maintain the existing client-facing microsites that were housed in the CMS and to refresh only the public-facing corporate site templates without causing disruption or defects in coding or experience.  Also, there was an existing translator application form that had defects in both experience and logic that needed to be repaired.
Since the launch, there has been an increase in speed to completion for the translator application entries. Six custom templates, all leveraging the Kentico API, were created, along with one template that used Kentico with Angular. Five document types were also created that leveraged the built-in News document type. A great content strategy was established and executed using GatherContent and Kentico.

Implemented by Ridgeway
United Kingdom
Kentico Gold Partner

Pure, a market-leading and innovative British company, has shipped over 5 million digital radios globally, and as such has established itself as a leading consumer electronics business in its own right. The new website needed to convey the brand’s values and better position the brand digitally, ready for the impending digital radio switchover.
Pure was looking for a reliable partner to adopt its Kentico project and complete the delivery of the first phase of the redesign to a tight deadline. The fully responsive site allows customers to browse customers based on their needs, purchase online (through an inherited ecommerce system), as well as register their products directly with Pure.
Ridgeway continues to work with Pure to make improvements and a very interesting use-case for the Kentico Enterprise Marketing Solution that we’d love to share with you right now, but you’ll have to come back for that in 2016.


Implemented by Positive Digital
United Kingdom
Kentico Gold Partner

PHS is a leading provider of workplace services with over 5,000 trained staff serving 200,000 business at over 450,000 locations across the UK. While primarily known for Washroom Services, the services PHS delivers include: data solutions, packing crate rental, safety testing, and water dispensers, among many others. The site was specifically designed to help customers understand PHS’s complete range of workplace service solutions. Technical data, videos, and case studies work together to provide a detailed overview of PHS’s entire capability across a wide range of sectors, including facilities management, manufacturing, retail, and healthcare, to name but a few.
Communicating the breadth of the PHS offering to customers was the main challenge to overcome. Product recommendations are generated by the site to cross-promote the other services. The agile nature of the Kentico CMS also enabled Positive Technology to respond to changing requirements from the client from additional page templates and web parts to rebranding the site within the development cycle. The site is also mobile responsive and integrates with the existing CRM. The number of users visiting the site increased by 10% since its launch with a peak in one month of 58% additional visitors over the initial launch volumes.

Implemented by The Pull Agency
United Kingdom
Kentico Silver Partner

Schwarzkopf, part of Henkel, is one of the largest cosmetic companies in the world. They have customers in 125 countries worldwide with sales of EUR 3.269 billion in 2010. Their extensive portfolio includes many brands and products in colorants, styling, hair care, toiletries, skin care, oral hygiene, and fragrances. The 'Schwarzkopf Professional' division holds a top four position among salon exclusive brands.
Pull firstly created the Elite Club brand for Schwarzkopf. Elite Club is a reward and knowledge community for Schwarzkopf salons across the UK with potential for a European roll-out. The site as the hub of the community. The goal was to encourage salons to sign up for the site and spend loyalty points accrued from product sales and online activity, in addition to sharing thoughts and encouraging sign up for training and events. The site also allowed the salons to purchase (using points) customizable collateral such as loyalty cards, and view and book events. Plus, setting up the site to use credits and currency with a custom user account area to manage the multiple user details associated to each user.
4,000 users registered within three weeks of the launch, and the success has seen Pull being asked to create various events and advertising campaigns across Europe with different Henkel brands.

Elasto Form Polska is a branch of a global company headquartered in Germany. Elasto Global produces and sells its own promotional products, corporate gifts, and giveaways exclusively to resellers, manufacturers, and wholesalers. Elasto focuses on the highest quality products and their design.
The goals of the project were to create the most advanced B2B platform on the market of promotional products with an easy-to-use, modern interface to refresh the whole brand, and indicate that they are a technology leader. Also, to allow customers to carry out the most time-consuming tasks: the valuation of products, orders, the beginning of cooperation, etc. Plus, the automation of the most common customer service tasks and increasing existing customer loyalty and attracting new customers using personalization and marketing automation. Challenges were the full integration with ERP Comarch XL and to create a transparent graphic design, similar to typical e-commerce, but taking into account specific features of products and a branch as a whole.
The site features a new e-commerce buying process (the customer customizes the product with parameters that affect price, delivery date, date of production), and a completely remodeled customer accounts panel, as well as a dedicated custom module to order advertising sweets. The configurator allows customers to create a visualization of their graphic design projects placed on the sweets (brand colors, logo), offers a special zone for advertising agencies, complex filters, and responsive web design. This has resulted in a new attractive image for the company, an increase in the number of orders, new customers (and advertising agencies), a 200% increase in the number of visits, quotation service shortened by 50%, and reduced costs. In addition, Marketing Automation, Lead Scoring, and Personalization have given new possibilities to the marketing department.

Implemented by Revium
Kentico Bronze Partner

The College of Intensive Care Medicine Australia and New Zealand (CICM) are responsible for the intensive care medicine specialist training and education in Australia and New Zealand. They recently needed to create a new website to provide information about membership and training for Fellows and Trainees.
A challenging aspect of the project was the Course and Events section, which allows the user to view and search through a number of events. This was a pivotal section for CICM and needed to allow users to search and filter the events using a number of different options. With the launch into Kentico 8, CICM has seen an increase across the board with their site’s performance. There has been an increase in users’ average time spent on the site, page views, and a lower bounce rate. CICM needs to share a lot of documents with their fellows, trainees, and partners. Using Media Library security controls, documents were password protected to allow secure access to privileged information.

Implemented by ALYKA Pty Ltd
Kentico Gold Partner

Absolute Balustrades provide first class balustrades to residents, commercial, and home builders. They are WA’s number one balustrading company, hence they needed WA’s number one digital marketing/web development company to build their new site. The new site required a great user experience and increased conversions and opportunities that were easy for people to understand the work they do and also have a professional experience.
The new site has resulted in higher positions in search engine optimization (1st page for ‘painters perth’), 75% more traffic compared to the same period in previous years, and double the inquiries. The site is mobile responsive with a blogs module, YouTube video integration, Gallery and Search modules, and Document types – rotational testimonials.

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