The New Kentico Mobile Manager for Windows 8 from Bit-Wizards

Kentico Gold Partner Bit-Wizards introduces Kentico Mobile Manager for Windows 8 to the Marketplace, the new multi-site manager of Kentico websites from your Windows Mobile.
Bit-Wizards, the innovative and award-winning technology company, has created the Kentico Mobile Manager for Windows 8.
Developed by Bryan Soltis, the app links Windows 8 to Kentico CMS. It allows Kentico website administrators to manage multiple Kentico websites remotely, performing useful tasks like starting and stopping sites, clearing site cache and memory, and monitoring the health of their websites all through a Windows 8 desktop app.

Kentico Mobile Manager for Windows 8 is already available in the Windows Store and, of course, in the Kentico Marketplace
Vince Mayfield, CEO of Bit-Wizards says: “Since 2004, the Bit-Wizards and Kentico partnership has been at the forefront of technology for early adopters. Recognizing the significant opportunity for consumers and enterprises that Microsoft’s new touch-based operating system represents, Bit-Wizards is thrilled to launch its first Windows Phone App in the Microsoft Windows Store.” 
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