Technical Webinar: Advanced Content Staging Scenarios


Proper content migration is essential for every organization. With multiple environments, dispersed content editors, and varying delivery schedules, finding a solution that works for your organization is key to making sure all of your digital assets are handled correctly. With Kentico’s Staging module, businesses can define their production process and implement a rock-solid delivery method for publishing their digital content.

For the webinar, I will demonstrate this powerful Kentico functionality, and show you how to define and implement a fool-proof method of updating site content. I will provide an overview of the module, show staging in Kentico 9, and demonstrate advanced scenarios which developers can implement to extend the performance and capabilities of their sites.


Here is the recorded webinar, in case you missed it.

Here are the custom classes and tables I referenced in the video.

Get the Code
This is the exported custom table for logging content staging tasks.

This is the custom class that logs the content staging tasks.
This is the exported sample workflow with synchronization.

This is the custom class that overrides the LogChange event for documents.

This is the scheduled task that syncrhonizes all objects.

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Bryan Soltis

Hello. I am a Technical Evangelist here at Kentico and will be helping the technical community by providing guidance and best practices for all areas of the product. I might also do some karaoke. We'll see how the night goes...