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Accelerating Customer Loyalty through New Technologies

Kentico 9, the latest version of Kentico, has landed, giving you everything you need to transform your customers’ journeys dramatically and bring you closer to your customers. With improved campaign management, automatic web farm environment configuration, and greatly simplified content production, you can now run highly optimized campaigns and deliver exceptionally consistent customer experiences, faster than ever before.

What You Get When You Upgrade:

Integrated Campaign Management

The time it takes for you to set up and execute your cross-channel digital marketing campaigns is greatly reduced in Kentico 9. We have made it much easier and more logical, allowing you to get an overview of your campaigns, create assets and link them, set up tracking, and get analysis and reporting from your campaigns, all from one location. Additionally, the setting up of a campaign can be streamlined and shared between multiple people, for example, a content editor can prepare the content while a different colleague can be setting up emails or tracking. Overall, the number of steps required to set up your campaigns has been cut, letting you get your campaign up and running faster than ever. And the new reporting engine gives you the power to analyze and optimize your campaigns for even greater results.


Web Farm Support

Kentico has been providing auto-scaling support for some time now. However, in Kentico 9, we have introduced a completely rebuilt version of Web Farm Support optimized for cloud deployments and rule-based auto-scaled environments. And, to make your life even easier, we have introduced a single-button-push configuration to ensure you get your scalable site set up quicker than ever without needing any technical knowledge. The stability and robustness of Kentico 9’s Web Farm Support is vastly improved compared to previous versions and provides health status tracking of all website instances via an overview, available directly in Kentico Admin. Synchronizing content via Web Farms is now more efficient, making sure you deliver exceptional customer experiences on a consistent basis, no matter how much traffic arrives on your site and which server is delivering the content.



The MVC architectural pattern is growing in popularity among the ASP.NET and Kentico CMS communities. We are, therefore, introducing a completely redesigned way to integrate your MVC applications with Kentico 9. It allows for a more semantic approach to content editing, without the distraction of page settings, and lets you create content once and use it in various locations on the live site. Overall, ASP.NET MVC Support in Kentico 9 dramatically increases your content editing productivity, allowing you to keep up with the fast-moving business world we live in.


Continuous Integration

Having a fully-operational, always-on website is a top priority for businesses, but outdated information can be a major deterrent for visitors. To stay up to date, your website has to be up to date too, and that means decreasing the time and effort it takes to develop and update your site. With out-of-the-box Continuous Integration available in Kentico 9, your team’s website development is now up to 30% faster. By automating the process for moving development, coding, and data changes from one environment to another, in combination with automatic Source Control synchronization, you can update and deploy your fully-integrated website faster than ever.



With Kentico 9’s Modularization, you can now create modules to serve specific needs that can then be packaged automatically, stored, and reused in future projects. Streamline your work and reduce your development time and costs by creating customized functional modules that you can use effortlessly across all your projects. And, in Kentico 9, you can additionally update all the already installed modules, as easily as you install them, through the standard NuGet process.



Kentico 9 helps you execute campaigns faster, build and deploy websites using modern development patterns and frameworks, deploy changes quickly and reliably, and make better sense of the data collected while scaling dynamically to match the demands of increasing traffic.

Go to www.kentico.com/kentico9/users to find out even more, and take Kentico 9 for a test drive today.

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