Submit your website for Site of the Year 2014

Have you developed an extraordinary Kentico website? Don’t hide it from the world! Get recognition for your brilliant work and submit it for Site of the Year 2014 now!
As in previous years, the Kentico Site of the Year competition recognizes excellence in the web industry and chooses the best websites created on the Kentico platform. 

The contest is divided into 13 standard categories and 6 special categories from which you can choose for your entry submission. There will also be one overall winner, the one with the greatest number of total votes. This site is named “Kentico Site of the Year 2014”.

Standard Categories:
Best Consumer Goods
Best Business Services
Best Food and Beverage Site
Best Community/Social Media Site
Best E-commerce Site    
Best Education Site 
Best Financial Services Site
Best Government and Municipal Site
Best Healthcare Site
Best Nonprofit Organization Site
Best Travel/Events Site 
Best Intranet
Best Mobile Site

Special Categories:
Best Graphic Design      
Best Integration             
Best Migration
Largest Site        
Best Cloud Deployment                               
Best Kentico EMS Implementation



Apart from public recognition, finalists and winners will be entitled to use the “Kentico Site of the Year 2014 Winner/Finalist” logo and will receive a plaque and a certificate. The Global Winner will benefit from media attention and activities with Kentico. 
Partners will receive a large sum of partner points that will go towards the Partner Program.

Don’t miss your chance to have your best projects acclaimed in the Site of the Year 2014 competition.
Submission entry ends on January 25th, so hurry up and submit your website now!
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Katerina Rozsnyo Pelanova

Hi, I'm the Campaign Manager at Kentico and I take care of marketing campaigns and communication in social networks. So please stay tuned to our Facebook Page and follow us on Twitter to get hot news about Kentico.


Katerina Pelanova commented on

Hello Shelli,
Unfortunately not. The Kentico team is now going through each and every site submitted, selecting 3 finalists for each category. These will be announced on February 2.

Shelli commented on

I meant to submit an entry for Best Business Services. Any chance I can still submit it?

Katerina Pelanova commented on

Hello Silvia,
The Kentico logo or text link in the footer of all pages is a requirement in order to use the Free Edition. So no matter if the page is submitted to the Site of the year or not, all Kentico webpages running on Kentico CMS Free Edition must follow this rule.
For all other licenses, there is no requirement of this sort and can definitely be submitted for Site of the Year.
I hope this helps

Silvia Michetti commented on

Hi Katerina,
in order to submit a Kentico website for "Kentico's website of the Year 2014" is it necessary that the website has got the "Power by Kentico" link in its Credits ?
Thanks in advance, Silvia.