SharePoint bi-directional synchronization

Almost any time someone is using or building intranet there is always SharePoint present on some level. In order for you to better collaborate and share documents on your intranets in Kentico 8.2, we’ve created a new module that will make things easier, accelerate cooperation between collaborators and facilitate sharing. We bring you the bi-directional synchronization for files between the SharePoint server and Kentico instances.

How it works

Kentico Sharepoint Synchronization Diagram
Based on the SharePoint connector that we’ve implemented in Kentico 8.1, we’ve built a bi-directional synchronization for SharePoint files. Now you can create, update and delete files in Kentico and all changes will be made automatically on the SharePoint server. The connector will also periodically check for changes on SharePoint and transfer these changes to the library in Kentico.


Add SharePoint library
First, you need to have the SharePoint connection setup introduced into Kentico 8.1 – after having done that, creating a new library is really easy. You just select the connection and type of library that you’d like to connect. Then, Kentico populates the libraries of any type that you select from a server so that you don't need to remember the exact name of the library. The only thing left for you to choose is the interval that designates how often the system receives the files from the SharePoint server. Once the library is created, the files will be synchronized for the first time. And that's it!


SharePoint library
Now you can start using your library. As you’d expect, you can create a new file that will be sent to SharePoint as well. You can view images right from your browser, download files from the library, update files for newer versions when you need to do so or delete files when you don't need them anymore.

Your feedback

As always, we’d love to hear your feedback about our new feature and any new suggestions you may have, so feel free to add them to our user voice at Depending on the community’s general response to your ideas, we will make a decision as to which new improvement or feature we’ll release next.
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Juraj Hrinik

Hi, I’m Juraj Hrinik, as a product owner for "Community & Intranet" I'm responsible for planning and improving features in Kentico with major social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ etc. and all intranet features (WebDav, Sharepoint, Project management etc.)


Juraj Hrinik commented on

Hi Alan, SharePoint files are stored in database.

Juraj Hrinik commented on

Hi Jakub, short answer is YES. This functionality is build on top of existing connector and therefore supported servers are SharePoint 2010, 2013 and SharePoint On-line.

Alan Shum commented on

Are files downloaded from SharePoint and stored within Kentico (either file system or database)? Or is Kentico just storing metadata?

Jakub Holovsky commented on

This is great news! Is this going to be compatible with SharePoint 2010?