See you at the Module Development session at Kentico Connection 2013

My name is Martin Hejtmanek, and as Chief Technical Officer here at Kentico software, I look forward to seeing you all at Kentico Connection 2013.
You told us that you wanted more sessions focused on development best practices on the Kentico platform, so we have prepared a whole bunch of them for you this year, including my own!
So I look forward to presenting my deep-dive session on Module Development best practices that takes you through the easy creation of new modules and their export as a package to either another application instance within your toplogy, or our MarketPlace for others to make use of.
We’ll take a look at:
•             Leveraging custom tables for your module data
•             Using handlers to react to system events 
•             Easily building your module UI
•             Displaying module content on the live site
There’ll be great tips on how to leverage our universal components and API to make you more productive in your work and there’ll also be a teaser of the things possible in the upcoming version 8! You’ll soon be implementing things the same we do here at Kentico! 
If you have any feedback on this session plan or ideas of what else should be included, please let me know in comments below.
Looking forward to see you there!
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Martin Hejtmanek

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