Satisfied with search engines and have a negative view of personalized search?

Well you may not be alone, according to a report by Pew Research.  

65% say it’s a bad thing that search engines collected information your searches and then used to rank future search results, because it may limit the information get online and what results you see.  An astounding 73% of respondents said they would not be okay with a search engine keeping track of their searches and using that information to personalize your future search results because they feel it is an invasion of privacy.
It’s certainly not surprising that Google is the primary search engine of choice, and that users are turning to search engines more frequently.

Search user’s views of search engines collecting information about them vary slightly with age, ethnicity and income. Younger search users (18-29) tended to view the practices more favorably.

About the report: Findings are based on data from telephone interviews conducted by Princeton Survey Research Associates International from January 20 to February 19, 2012. The reports was authored by Kristen Purcell, Joanna Brenner, Lee Rainie.
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