Quick Tip: Visual Studio 2013 Using Map Mode

One of the new productivity features in Visual Studio 2013 is an improvement in the scroll bar called map mode. This productivity feature makes it possible to see a map of your code directly in your scroll bar. This makes it easier to see the big picture of the current file and click to access a specific area. Not only will this help to make navigation easier but it simplifies code refactoring by giving easier access to various sections of any code file. In this post will take a quick look at map mode is turned on and used.

Activating Map Mode

  1. Right click on any code window scroll bar and then click Scroll Bar Options as shown in the following screenshot.

  1. In the Options window click Use map mode for vertical scroll bar and the click Ok as shown in the following screenshot.

Using Map Mode

With mode activated you can see the map mode scroll bar as shown in the following screenshot.

If you look at the scroll bar you can see where you are located in the file. Either holding your mouse over a section of clicking the scroll bar magnifies the section of the code as shown in the following screenshot.

You can also synchronize all of this together as shown in the following screenshot.
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Mike commented on

Cool! I love this feature. Thanks for pointing it out.

Gitesh commented on

Thanks Thom , this was very useful. Saves time.