Questionmine/Kentico EMS – making video actionable

By 2015, 90% of web traffic will be video (Cisco). That’s cool... but what do you know about who is watching YOUR videos? How are you customizing your prospects' website experience based on their engagement with your videos?

Watch this webinar to learn how Questionmine and Kentico have teamed up to help Savvy marketers who demand to know more than just "who clicked on my video?"

At the most basic level, Questionmine provides video hosting and a killer set of video analytics integrated into your Kentico EMS installation. When these two are combined they create instantly ACTIONABLE marketing data. For example, easily allowing customization of website content and marketing efforts based on an EMS activity like the length of time a video was viewed.

For marketers that want to take their videos to the next level, the Questionmine Kentico EMS integration allows you to:
  1. Generate leads by adding lead capture forms at any point in a video.
  2. Qualify leads by adding questions that appear during the video.
  3. Customize website content and marketing efforts based on how prospects and leads answer questions during videos.
  4. Drive Ecommerce by including call to action buttons during video such as "Buy Now" or "Add to Cart".
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