New Version Switcher in the Documentation


From this week, our documentation has more swag than before. Check out what we've done to make your work with it easier.

If you visit our documentation through Google, you probably know it. You're searching for a macro reference. You finally find it. It's almost the "Yay!" moment. But then you say, "Gosh dang it! It's an article for a different Kentico version than I have!"


For a long time, we wanted to fix this. We wanted appropriate documentation for everyone. And finally, the feature has risen.

"One small step for a developer, one giant leap for our readers."
—Authors of the feature

The version switcher looks the same. However, if you now click the version switcher and the page you're on is available in other versions of Kentico, the link takes you to the same page in the clicked version, and you stay on topic.


We hope you'll like the feature, and if you have any ideas for further improvement, feel free to leave a comment.

BTW: If you're using or trying Kentico Cloud, have you seen our new "documentation" there? Check out the new Kentico Cloud Help Center and Developer Hub.

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