New “no CAPTCHA” reCAPTCHA comes to Kentico

Have you heard about the new way Google can tell whether a form was submitted by a human and not a robot? However hard it may be to believe, it just takes one click in one checkbox. It is true. And if you like this new "no CAPTCHA" CAPTCHA, I have a good news for you. You can now easily use it with Kentico!
Developing websites it's no longer just about great functionality, it’s about great user experience. And each little thing that annoys your visitors can cost you money; un-submitted forms, unshared content, abandoned shopping carts...

One such annoying thing, at least for me, is (and always has been) CAPTCHA. How many times have all of us complained about how difficult it is to read those unreadable combinations of letters to submit one simple form? How many minutes of our lives are wasted typing CAPTCHA codes, just to be “detected” a robot and sent a new (just as unreadable) code to type?

Much to my relief, Google decided to do something about that and has come up with an ingenious new way of detecting bots in just one click. Read more about it in this blogpost:

And much to your visitor’s relief (and yours, I hope), I decided to implement this into Kentico as a Form control which you can use in the very same way as the standard reCAPTCHA. It works with the same combination of public/private keys, so if you already use standard reCAPTCHA, you don't need to generate any new keys — they will work immediately. 

You can find the implementation along with the source code in our marketplace. Enjoy!
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Zbyněk Hanák commented on

We are happy to announce we did some small improvements in reCAPTCHA Form Control implementation to make it work correctly in more development scenarios. This new version allows you to add multiple forms with reCAPTCHA Control on a single page as well as use this control inside Update Panel. You can find this new implementation in our Marketplace -

Ashish Narnoli commented on

Really, Google's “No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA” is a great user experience.