New twitter account

The time has come for me to register on twitter and give you some more insights on what is going on here at the technical side.
Hi there,

This will probably be the shortest blog post I have ever written but I wanted you to know that I just set up my twitter account, here it is:

I will mostly use it to deliver you some up to date information from the development of the new versions of Kentico CMS or things I am preparing the blog posts about. And probably from time to time also point to something that I like.

So if you want to get such kind of information and maybe make some plans, go ahead and follow my tweet.

Also, I won't be updating it too often, because I want only the important information to go out there, no spamming is allowed here.

And of course, do not expect publishing of any "secrets" from there ;-)

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Martin Hejtmanek

Hi, I am the CTO of Kentico and I will be constantly providing you the information about current development process and other interesting technical things you might want to know about Kentico.


Jeroen Fürst commented on

Great news Martin, I am certainly gonna follow you!