New E-learning Solution Built on Kentico CMS

Creating E-learning websites has never been easier! Learning Academy Systems has launched a new extensive and clever learning management system called CPD Academy. Built on Kentico CMS for ASP.NET, it helps companies create their learning systems really quickly and easily while being able to adapt to their highly specific reguirements.
The CPD Academy is a complete and scalable learning management system (LMS) built for organizations in their delivery of CPD (continuing professional development) e-learning. The solution includes all necessary tools for creating training platform, including user management, course structure and overview, shared learning resources, community, collaboration, workflow and supervision of progress, with full customization options available too.

Kentico partners on this project with Learning Academy Systems - a sister company of Kentico Gold Partner, Tellonline, which benefits from years of experience in e-learning.

“Learning Academy Systems has truly leveraged the capabilities that Kentico CMS has to offer in creating this superb tool for the management and undertaking of training within organizations,” says Petr Palas, CEO and founder of Kentico Software, “The ease of use and flexibility of our powerful solution is handed directly to the end user in their employment of the CPD Academy LMS, making the creation of personalized training plans accessible to all.”

The highly intuitive Kentico CMS Desk administration interface allows creation and management of learning content, complex course structures and training plans, and offers trainees access to numerous resources, like wikis, blogs, forums, messaging, file-sharing and much more. Its framework ensures a straightforward set up, with the custom-built learning management modules of the CPD Academy allowing for a comprehensive range of functionality and delivering an impressive e-learning experience.

For more information look at the CPD Academy website and check out all the features of this great learning management system.


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