New and Free in the Marketplace: Ridgeway Media Selector and MfsPolling Web Part

Check out the new additions to the Kentico Marketplace!
Let´s have a look at the MfsPolling web part, the last addition to the Kentico Marketplace in the year 2012, and the Ridgeway Media Selector, the first addition in the year 2013.

MfsPolling web part

The MfsPolling web part by Mindfire Solutions allows you to create a poll for collecting site visitors' opinions about a particular topic. After voting, users can insert additional comments which are automatically sent to the administrator's e-mail address. It is also possible to define several polls, each with different and non-overlapping 'Publish from'/'Publish to' dates, meaning that the live site automatically updates to display the poll set for the current date and time.

To download this web part, please visit the Kentico Marketplace.

Ridgeway Media Selector

This custom form control by Ridgeway, a Kentico Gold Partner from the United Kingdom, improves upon the default Media Selector by allowing you to select multiple media files at once and specify the minimum and maximum number of files that can be selected. There is also an option to filter the media files available for selection by site, library, file extension or a combination of these.

More information about setup and configuration, along with examples of using the API, can be found in the Readme file located in the download package. It is available from the Kentico Marketplace.

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