New and Free in the Marketplace: Easy Project Deployment

Easily deploy your project to a remote server at a much faster rate via FTP!
Easy Project Deployment is a new module offered free in the Kentico Marketplace. Using this module, you can create a package containing a whole project in a single file. This package can be easily deployed to a remote server at a much faster rate via FTP. The module was created by Vit Svoboda, Developer at Kentico.

The module is very simple to use. All you need to do is to choose the package target folder name, wait until the comprimation is complete and then place the contents of the specified folder into your desired project location.

Module Preview

When you access the new location via http, an automated wizard opens to help you unpack the project. If you don't want to use the wizard, you can unpack the project package using any other method. The project package is a regular zip archive.

More detailed info can be found in the Instructions.pdf file packaged with the module. To download the package, please visit Kentico Marketplace.
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Daniela Kubikova

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Petr Svihlik commented on

you can't really compare those two. With Kentico Import/Export module you can only import and export sites. With EPD you can pack whole project (DLLs, markup files, code files, JavaScripts..) into few files which are easier (faster) to transfer over network.
When those files are at its destination you just open your web browser and access very simple wizard which extracts the package for you. It's a know fact that it is much faster to transfer one big file via FTP than send smaller files one by one. That was the main reason why we have created this utility which makes the whole process easier.

D. te Kloese commented on


What are the (dis)advantages compared to the regular Kentico export?