New and Free in Kentico Marketplace

Four new items were published in the Kentico Marketplace in the last two months. Let's have a look at them!

Yammer Web Part Pack for Kentico CMS

Brian McKeiver, Kentico MVP and Partner at BizStream, recently developed the Yammer Web Part Pack for Kentico CMS. Yammer is an enterprise social network used by many companies worldwide (including Kentico). The package by Brian contains four new Yammer web parts which can make your Kentico CMS-based intranet site more social. With these new web parts, you can display your company's group feed, "like" pages, follow pages, and comment on pages.

For more information about these web parts, read Brian's blog. To download the web part pack, please visit the Kentico Marketplace or Brian's blog.

Canonical Helper

Another new addition to our Marketplace is the Canonical Helper web part by thunder::tech, a Kentico Gold Partner from Ohio. If you place this web part on a page, it will add the canonical link element with the current document alias path into the <head> section of a page. It can be used for SEO in case that multiple aliases are specified for a page.

For more info about canonical links, read this article. To download the web part, please visit Kentico Marketplace.

MT First Data Payment Gateway

First Data is a leading provider of electronic commerce and payment processing services to financial institutions, governments and merchants in more than 50 markets around the world. Would you like to integrate their payment gateway into your e-commerce site? The MT First Data Payment Gateway by Leandro Filipczyk from Marcus Thomas, LLC makes it possible.

For more information or a free download, please visit our Marketplace.

Many-to-Many Relationship Manager

Many-to-Many Relationship Manager, submitted to our Marketplace by Adaptdev, a Kentico Gold Partner from Texas, is a form control that allows you to specify multiple associations with custom table items. It is similar in functionality to the built-in Multiple choice form control, but it persists the relationships in a third join table.

For more info about the form control, read the guide on For free download, please visit Kentico Marketplace.
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