New and Free in the Marketplace: PayPal Button, CMXtras Stock Quote & Salesforce Syntegrate Chart

Check out the new additions to the Kentico Marketplace!

PayPal Button

Brenden Kehren, a Kentico Gold Partner from Wisconsin, recently developed the PayPal Button web part for Kentico CMS. This web part allows you to place the PayPal Buy Now button on your website, which lets site visitors quickly purchase one item at a time.

Buy Now button preview image

Please find more information about the PayPal Buy now button here. To download the PayPal Button web part for Kentico CMS, please visit our Marketplace.

CMXtras Stock Quote

The CMXtras Stock Quote web part by 5Nova, a Kentico Gold Partner from California, enables you to display stock information on your website. Simply enter a stock symbol into the web part properties, and the web part returns the latest trade price, change amount, percent change, state flag, and whether there is current financial news available for the company. The data is provided by Yahoo.

CMXtras Stock Quote preview

The trial version, which displays a CMXtras ad every minute for 10 seconds, is available free from Kentico Marketplace. For the full version, please visit the product page.

Syntegrate Chart for Salesforce

Another new addition to our Marketplace is the Syntegrate Chart for Salesforce by Visual Antidote, a Kentico Gold Partner from Canada. It's a tool that integrates your site with your Salesforce account in order to provide a simple way to create charts and graphs based on your Salesforce data and publish them on your Kentico website with just a few clicks.

Syntegrate Chart preview

The tool is available free from the Kentico Marketplace. For more information about the Salesforce integration products by Visual Antidote, please visit the products page.
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