New and Free in Kentico Marketplace: ZenDesk Feedback Tab & JIRA Issue List

Check out the two new integration web parts by Lime Digital!
Lime Digital, a Kentico Gold Partner from the United Kingdom, submitted two web parts to our Marketplace recently. Let's have a look at them!

ZenDesk Feedback Tab

Zendesk is a leading provider of web-based help desk software solutions. Its main idea is to provide your web site visitors and customers with an easy way of asking for help and submitting feedback, but also ensures proper internal processes to deal with the inquiries. The new web part by Lime Digital allows you to easily embed a ZenDesk Feedback Tab into your website so that all support requests, feedback, enquiries, etc. are submitted directly to your Zendesk help desk account.

Zendesk Feedback Tab
Using the Zendesk Feedback Tab will require you to set up an Zendesk account. For more details about Zendesk, please visit To download the ZenDesk Feedback Tab web part, please visit our Marketplace.

JIRA Issue List

JIRA is a browser-based bug, issue, task and defect tracking system and project management software solution by Atlassian, used for open source and enterprise projects. For more information about JIRA, please visit the Atlassian pages.

The JIRA Issue List web part by Lime Digital allows you to list the support and development issues from your JIRA account on your website or intranet. You can display all issues or, using a filter, you can display only issues in a particular state. For more information or to download the web part, please visit Kentico Marketplace.
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