New and Free: View Document Web Part, ZeroSocial - Instagram, ZeroSocial - Twitter & HTML Tag Code

Four new web parts were submitted to the Kentico Marketplace in February. Let's have a look at them.

View Document Web Part

The View Document web part by Yasser Abbasi from MMT Digital, a Kentico Gold Partner from the United Kingdom, gives the end user or your client the ability to display any document on a Kentico CMS page using the selected transformation. It hides all the complex CMSRepeater details from the user. All the user needs to know is which document is to be displayed and the transformation they wish to use. The download package with the web part also contains a widget and is available free in Kentico Marketplace.

ZeroSocial - Instagram

This web part by Mirko "ZeroG" Melone from eLogic, a Kentico Gold Partner from Italy, allows you to display photos from any Instagram account or Instagram photos tagged with a specific tag on your Kentico website. The web part is fully customizable. You can set the number of photos you wish to display, web part and photo dimensions, custom text and colors and many other properties. To download the web part, please visit Kentico Marketplace.

ZeroSocial - Twitter

Another in a series of web parts dedicated to interaction with social networks by Mirko "ZeroG" Melone is the ZeroSocial - Twitter web part. It enables you to display a list of tweets from the selected Twitter account on a Kentico website. Like the previous web part, it is fully customizable and available free in our Marketplace.

HTML Tag Code

The HTML Tag Code web part by Ondrej Vasil, Web Development Technical Leader at Kentico, allows you to add custom attributes into the <html> element of your web page. Download the web part for free from Kentico Marketplace.
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