What’s New and Free in the Kentico Marketplace?

Three new items have been published in the Kentico Marketplace in the last two months. The CMXtras Google AdSense web part, the Binary Quote of the Day web part, and the User selector with autocomplete. Let's have a look at these in more detail!

CMXtras Google AdSense

The  CMXtras Google AdSense web part by 5Nova, a Kentico Gold Partner from California, allows you to easily use Google AdSense with your website or intranet. Simply drop the web part on a page, fill in the required settings, and you’re ready to go! The trial version, which displays a CMXtras ad every minutes for ten seconds is available for free in the Kentico Marketplace. If you would like to get the full version please visit the product page.

Binary Quote of the Day

Another great new addition to our Marketplace is the Binary Quote of the Day web part by 2Plus2 Partners, Inc., a Kentico Partner from California. The package with the web part also contains a custom table where you can define the quotes. Then, on the page that contains the Quote of the day web part, you can find a different quote from this table, which will be displayed each day. By default, the web part uses a template, which shows the quote in binary format with a decode option; this template can be customized. To download the web part, please visit our Marketplace.

User selector with autocomplete

User selector with autocomplete, submitted to our Marketplace by Bluesoft, a Kentico Gold Partner from the Czech Republic, is a form control that allows you to select any system user without opening a new pop-up window. Thanks to the autocomplete feature it can suggest possible matches for the user type entries, which can significantly improve user experience. Depending on the settings, the form control can display both, only current site users or all site users. To download this form control, please visit the Kentico Marketplace.
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