More about the Kentico Connection session - Macros in action

Let us introduce you the next the technology track session Macros in action in more detail. In this session, you will see the amazing power of macros in Kentico CMS.

Macros are available across the entire Kentico CMS and are there like an “invisible” part of it.

Using macros, we can do almost anything:
  • set values/parameters/properties/etc.
  • use integrated math/string functions
  • utilize support of nested macros
  • use parameters and much more
Moreover, we will show you what’s coming in the next release:  Kentico CMS 6.0 – e.g. browsing through the Kentico CMS object model or queries in macros.

The speaker for this session is Martin Hejtmanek, CTO Kentico Software.

The list of all technology track sessions is here.

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Eva Palbuchtova (Blazkova)

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