Looking for your early feedback on the new Kentico Enterprise Marketing Solution!

One of the things that I love about Kentico is that what our customers think is so incredibly important. With the release of Kentico 6 and the new Enterprise Marketing Solution it’s time to get some of your early feedback!
We would appreciate if you would take a few minutes to provide any feedback you may have on the new Kentico Enterprise Marketing Solution by completing the survey available here.
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Thomas Robbins

I spend my time working with partners and customers extending their marketing and technology to the fullest.


Thom Robbins commented on

Thanks for the feedback - Several of these features are available today but certainly we have room for improvement. Would love to have you complete the feedback form so we can further evalutate your requests.

George B. commented on

KEMS is neither ENTERPRISE nor MARKETING solution.

Having words Enterprise and Marketing in the product name doesn't mean the solution is REALLY Enterprise and Marketing ready.

There are missing fundamental enterprise features like Backup&Restore, support for system center, automated web-farm installation etc. etc.

KEMS offers only manualy created segments, scores etc. Where is any automated recommendation by the system? Real Marketing solutions offer fully automated processes like segments creation, they use AI or BI to better understand customers etc.

Enterprise Marketing solutions are e.g. SAS, Teradata etc. but KEMS is miles away from this space ...