Looking Back at 10 Years of Helping You Succeed

Today is a huge day for Kentico: We are celebrating our 10 years! And we hope that you will come celebrate with us!

Looking back

When I started Kentico on June 4th, 2004, I had one big goal: making website development easier for developers. At that time, there were no  quality and affordable CMS on the Microsoft .NET platform, and developers spent lots of time writing the same repetitive code for every website they built.
Back then, many developers and agencies wrote their own CMS systems, only to discover a few years later that they can’t keep up with the ever-changing requirements of their customers. They were eager to get their hands on a flexible product that would address the varying needs of their projects and evolve with their business.
That’s where Kentico proved to be a great fit – providing agencies and their customers with a single powerful CMS for any project.
Over the years, we have listened to your feedback and kept up with the latest trends. We made Kentico ready for enterprise projects, added fully integrated E-commerce, Online Communities, Intranet and Collaboration, and most recently, the Online Marketing Solution. We have also made Kentico available in the cloud and as a service.
With the release of Kentico 8, we took a major step in our journey to deliver the integrated marketing solution for the masses – a single product that will help you manage all customer interactions in the digital era.
Today, ten years later, there are over 18,000 websites in 90 countries running on Kentico and over 1,100 solution partners using Kentico to bring their clients success. So we can confidently say that our work has made an impact on the lives of many people who build and manage websites and execute digital strategies.

Looking Ahead

The social, mobile, cloud and big data revolution initiated major changes in society. In the upcoming years, we will experience the digitalization of our lives as well as businesses. We have digitalized our relationships through social networks, we’ve connected our bodies to the cloud using wearables, and we’ve kept ourselves glued to the internet with our smart phones. Soon, our cars, homes and various other appliances will become an “active” part of our digitalized lives by communicating directly to us, and in assisting our communication with each other.
This era of digitalization creates new opportunities for smart businesses that embrace digital as a native part of their business model and their culture. While there’s no single recipe on how to do that, we continue innovating our solution to make sure that it’s ready for your future needs – just like we’ve done in the past 10 years.

Looking Beyond Business

While we talk about the digitalization of our lives, and make tough decisions as to whether we should buy the Samsung Galaxy S5, or simply wait for the iPhone 6, there are billions of people in the world who are fighting for their life every day.
We realize that we have been very lucky to get to where we are today, so we’ve given much thought to how we can share our success with those who haven’t been so lucky. We would like to raise at least $10,000 for the international Red Cross and Red Crescent with the help of our clients and partners. I’m not a very good cook, so you won’t get chocolate cookies I’m afraid; instead, you will receive a Kentico CMS Base license for free. I believe that we can raise this amount together and help people in need.
Click here to join us in raising $10,000 for Red Cross

So, we feel that it’s time to say thank you to all of you who have supported Kentico’s journey throughout the past 10 years: Thank you, we would have never made it here without your help!
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Petr Palas

I'm the founder and CEO of Kentico. I write about Kentico, WCM, CXM, digital marketing and related technologies.


Christian Bernard commented on

Congrats Petr for such an entrepreneurial success!

I wish that the next 10 years bring you as much reward.

Kind regards, Christian

Petr Palas commented on

Thank you, Clinton!

Clinton commented on

Hi Petr, the Kentico platform is sound and has delivered on your objectives and vision.

Thank you!

We're very pleased with our first site and have another 4 to build in the next 12 months on Kentico!

Cheers, Clinton.