Localization of radio buttons' text values

If you want to localize radio buttons' text values you can use the localization macro expressions to do the trick for you.
The localization macros can be used when manually defining options for the 'Radio buttons' field type. 

1. Go to the 'Site Manager-> Development-> Document types-> <document type>-> Edit-> Fields' and select the radio buttons field,

2. In the 'Field type' select the 'Radio buttons',

3. Next specify the options manually like advised- specify pairs in the '<value>;<text>' format. Use the localization macro for the text value. Refer to the picture below:

4. Create translation of the macro for all your languages through the 'Site Manager-> Development-> UI cultures-> <culture>-> Edit-> New string'.


5. When you display editing form for the document type on the live site under the different cultures you should see the text of radio buttons in respective language as pictured below (EN vs. CZ language version).



See also: Macro expressions

Applies to: 4.x, 5.x
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Karol Jarkovsky

Director of Product