Let’s catch up – South Florida Code Camp 2014

I hope you will have an opportunity to attend the upcoming South Florida Code Camp on February 22, 2014 at beautiful Nova Southeastern University campus. This is always an excellent event and the speakers (check out the agenda here) are amazing! I hope you will take an opportunity to stop by and attend my session on MVC 5!
Session Name:  Getting started with MVC 5 and Visual Studio 2013

The ASP.NET MVC Framework provides a powerful Model View Controller (MVC) approach to building web applications and provides separation of concerns, control over HTML output, intuitive URLs, and increased testability. We will start by looking at the -what and why of ASP.NET MVC. Then we will explore the various pieces of ASP.NET MVC including routes, controllers, actions, and views. If you are looking to get started with MVC then don’t miss this session.
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Thomas Robbins

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Thom Robbins commented on

No problem - you can find the slides here - http://www.slideshare.net/thomrobbins/getting-started-with-mvc-5-and-visual-studio-2013#

Eduardo P. commented on

Hi Thom, I attended the "Getting Started with MVC 5" seminar this afternoon and was wondering where you uploaded the presentation.

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