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It’s been a year since we have released our first Kentico open-source project, the Kinspector. As you know, KInspector is an application which analyzes your Kentico solution and gives you insight into its health, performance and security.

KInspector analyzes various aspects of your website built in Kentico. You can use its many modules to check the system setup, scan for potential security vulnerabilities and performance issues, perform database consistency checks and cleanups, and much more.

Before It Was Cool

Before we made the KInspector into an open-source project, we used it only internally in our Consulting department. This is what it looked like:

Since that time, the Kinspector project has matured pretty well. Here are some statistics to show off:

  • Number of closed pull requests: 58
  • Number of closed issues: 36
  • Number of releases: 13
  • Total number of downloads: 473

The community has devised great ideas for improvements, implemented a lot of new features and fixed several bugs for the Kinspector. For example, check out a new Export module, see how a Custom macro analyser was created, or how usability was improved by Displaying module description separately from running the module.

See all 36 closed issues and 58 closed pull requests.

Who Thinks It’s Cool

We are happy to see how the devs like the KInspector!

Andy Thompson from Get Started:

We will definitely be using the Kinspector as standard from now on (after Kentico audit). In fact I'm going to run a training session for our dev team on using it and other tools/techniques to ensure quality and performance. Maybe I can share the video with you afterwards and you can give me feedback on that too! I love that it's constantly being updated too, and works on different Kentico versions. 

Pedro Costa from PMC Digital:

Long time (>2 years) Kentico dev here, first time having a look at this project - I only wish I had found it earlier! Thank you support for the tip, and all contributors to it. :D 

Ilesh Mistry from MMT Digital:

Share your own stories under the #kinspector hashtag!

Want to Make It Even Cooler?

If you are unsure on how to contribute, see the tutorial also created by our MVP Michael Kinkaid:

Michael explains what Kinspector does and how to use it and guides you through the open-source project environment. Following this tutorial, you can start improving the KInspector in a few minutes!

Currently, there are 28 open issues. You can start easily by picking from several first-timers-only issues that are well suited for beginners in open source contributing. You have nothing to fear, we’ll guide you through thre proces.

Other Open-source Projects

We also manage some other open-source projects, which you can explore on DevNet. Add your own Kentico related project to this page, so that the community can learn about it!

Download KInspector

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