Kentico Top 10 Websites for March 2017


This Easter has brought us a broad spectrum of projects that definitely deserve some attention. Let’s have a look at flourishing pieces of a puzzle that, all together, show how many industries Kentico serves. From heavy-industry, through non-profit to a strategic outsourcing services company, nothing is unachievable.

Konica Minolta
Implemented by Devotion Digital
Kentico Gold Partner

Konica Minolta’s aim with the new site was to create a better, customer-centric experience, and to better represent the company and brand, as both have undergone significant change since the previous, non-responsive, site was built. Content for the site was, for the best part, still being developed up until launch. Knowing this upfront, the UX was completed at a modular level, focusing on the specification of Widgets, rather than Page Templates. The new site design and Kentico EMS put Konica Minolta in a great position to roll out their new lead generation campaigns for this year. The overall feedback from customers as well as from staff has been overwhelmingly positive. Konica Minolta has been using Kentico for a number of years now. In their words: “Kentico is a great solution for the price that fits within the budget, and we love the improvements in the latest version, too.”

Careers Fraser Health
Kentico Gold Partner

Their services range from acute health care to community-based residential, home, mental, and public health and they serve 1.7 million people. Their new website needed to facilitate better storytelling to address the unique differentiators of living and working in the communities. It also needed to have improved SEO and provide easy access to their vast job openings. The website redesign includes integration with their internal HRMS platform, called eConnect, enabling users to search more than 500 jobs across all their occupational groups and communities. After the launch at the end of 2016, the website faced more than 70,000 unique users per month and significantly improved organic search ranking. Without any further comment, winning in these awards speak for themselves: AVA Digital Awards, Horizon Interactive Awards, GOLD - Websites - Health / Human Services and GOLD - Websites - Human Resources / Jobs.

Implemented by NetConstruct
United Kingdom
Kentico Gold Partner

Mitie provides infrastructure consultancy, facilities management, property management, energy, and healthcare services to some of the biggest organizations around. Their vision is to inspire change in the way that people live and work by excelling at service delivery and this vision needed to be brought to life in Mitie’s digital space. Kentico provided all of the technical requirements identified during stakeholder sessions such as Personalization and Marketing Automation, as well as the tools to measure conversion rate and increase sales enquiries. The Salesforce connector, one of Kentico’s out-of-the-box tools, makes integration faster and cheaper. The website uses a vast array of Kentico functionalities such as Portal Engine, Custom Modules, Blogs, and among others, a broad utilization of personalization (persona-based journey, content personalization, etc.). It has 60,000 unique visitors per month and it’s updated nearly every day with press releases, blogs, and updates to products and services.

Implemented by Crafted
United Kingdom
Kentico Gold Partner

They are more than a hostel, they offer cultural experiences, vibrant events, and high-quality service in the most exciting European cities. They needed a multilingual website with online booking capability to be designed and built in just five months. The ability to develop custom features and integrate with online booking engines and third-party systems was vital to the success of this project, as was the option to upgrade the solution with new features and functionality in the future ensuring the platform keeps up with any digital trends and business requirements in the future. This is especially important to ensure that Crafted can continue to develop and build upon the site with new features for 2017. The website and database were hosted within Microsoft Azure to meet the cloud requirement and provide scalability. Since its launch, the website faced a 37% increase in organic traffic, 85% increase in mobile conversion, 130% increase in tablet conversion and 14% increase in revenue through bookings.

Implemented by MMT Digital
United Kingdom
Kentico Gold Partner

Megger is a global leader in electrical testing equipment. The site needed to be upgraded following the release of Kentico 10 and a number of improvements needed to be made to enhance the user experience and performance of the site. The flexible Content Management that Kentico provides was ideal for this project as Megger has a number of content editors globally who need to be able to add content while keeping within brand guidelines. All product data has been migrated from Agility Multichannel PIM into Kentico so that it can be managed centrally. This also means that Megger can use Kentico EMS to track product data and maximize its marketing campaigns by delivering personalized content to users. Consolidating the hosting onto Microsoft Azure has improved efficiencies and has meant that the website can now cope with spikes in traffic.

Canada's History
Implemented by ecentricarts
Kentico Gold Partner

Canada’s History is a magazine publication and resource website of archived Canadian history. Besides having a lot of great web content for site visitors, they also provide teaching resources for Canadian history teachers and present the Governor General’s History Award for Excellence in Teaching to exceptional and innovative teachers, each year. Among its business goals were, to increase site engagement and sessions from the public and teaching community and to improve revenue streams. To reach these goals it was decided to streamline content entry, to integrate an ad management with AdSpeed, and to leverage email marketing functionalities by integration with MailChimp. ecentricarts also added a few plugins/tools (from CKeditor) to further customize the content previewing and entry process: a11ychecker to allow users to check accessibility and issues on the spot, Balloon Panel, and Angular 2 for story lists, filtering, and prerendering for SEO.

Pride Angel
United Kingdom
Kentico Bronze Partner

Pride Angel is a social networking and membership website focused on connecting Sperm and Egg donors to families around the world that would like to have children, but are unable to themselves. They needed to find a system that enabled membership, e-commerce, messaging system, profile verification and advertising, and they have found them all in Kentico. Its out-of-the-box functionalities significantly reduced development time and costs. By using custom modules, Dreamscape Solutions were also able to offer a way to verify profile updates made by users—which had previously been an operational challenge. The website also includes event handlers (geo-location of users, processing message credit transactions, processing membership transactions), custom payment gateway integration and integration with Stripe API (reoccurring membership billing). After the site went live, membership uptake increased by 300% and e-commerce sales increased by 178%.

Oman Society for Theatre
Implemented by TakweenIT
Kentico Bronze Partner

Utilizing technology by a web presence, the society decided to create a new website that serves the purpose of connecting theatrical artists, sharing news and articles, and providing a facility to register with the society. Among other reasons, they chose Kentico because of its easy-to-navigate interface that can serve end users with minimal training and skills. The registration process was tackled first. Using online forms, the initial development started with the default behavior. Later on, the form was adjusted and customized to match the requirements, dependencies, and business rules. The website utilizes multiple web parts for profile data, news display, contests, events, and social media articles. Looking to the future, we can mention an integration with an ePayment gateway, and also a fully automated member management solution. Keep fingers crossed for upcoming improvements!

Implemented by Positive Technology
United Kingdom
Kentico Gold Partner

RedEye products are driven by a unique database that combines all customer data – online and offline – into a single view. Their aim is to deliver unrivaled conversion and ROI through Marketing Automation Technology and Conversion Rate Optimization services. Positive was asked to build a new web presence for the company to support the business goals which were not being met with the existing website on an alternative CMS. The design was based on the 'mobile first' philosophy aimed at RedEye's B2B audience and enabled by utilizing Kentico Widget based approach within the Portal Engine. Integration with RedEye's HubSpot instance was a primary requirement reflecting their business proposition. Since launch, there has been a 12% uplift in page views and a reduction in page load time of 35%.

Railco a.s.
Implemented by FACE UP s.r.o.
Czech Republic
Kentico Silver Partner

Railco Inc. is a multinational company in the leasing, maintenance, and servicing of freight railcars. Face Up was approached by Railco to create a modern multi-lingual website providing information on the company’s operations throughout Europe. The website is in a simple flat design format and fully responsive. It contains an overview of the company’s products and services, news from the company blog, as well as a contact form and a newsletter subscription form. The whole process, including the creation of website content in different language versions, ran smoothly—the website was delivered in two months. Railco also praised the system’s capacity to deliver highly specific content. Since the website launch, Railco has taken over editing and creating content in-house. Immediately after launching the website, page hits increased by tens of percent. Further plans by Railco for the website include a client zone and account, an integrated system for monitoring railcar movement, and a history section.

Customer Success Story

The business goal of the project was to improve the website to cater to the needs of the user and to personalise marketing communication. By achieving these elements, Pan Macmillan knew that engagement with the site would increase, thus increasing the number of books sold.

Pan Macmillan
Implemented by Distinction
United Kingdom
Kentico Gold Partner


Pan Macmillan is one of the largest book publishers in the UK, with imprints including Macmillan, Pan, Picador, Two Hoots, Bluebird, Campbell Books and Macmillan Digital Audio, and operates in more than 70 countries worldwide. The website integrates with the ONIX system for bibliographic data. With more than 12,000 individual titles, many of which are updated daily, the biggest challenge was handling this import in an efficient and reliable manner. Kentico’s Contact Segmentation abilities allowed Distinction to segment contacts based on genre preference and site activity by making use of condition-based contact groups. Distinction also helped Pan Macmillan to implement Campaign Management so that they could run multiple campaigns around author and book launches. These were to be managed by multiple website editors and were to contain emails, landing pages and social links. Since its launch, the website has seen amazing results; a 135% increase in sessions, a 10% increase in pages per session, and a 7% decrease in bounce rate.

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