Kentico Top 10 Websites for August 2017


As autumn approaches and with it the challenges of a new season, we take a look at some of the challenges that Kentico projects can cope with. Our shortlist is embraced by challenges—all projects had their good times and bad times—and the more challenging the project, the more we are pleased with the results.

Ricardo PLC
Implemented by Major Digital
United Kingdom
Kentico Gold Partner

Ricardo, a global strategic engineering and environmental consultancy that specializes in the transport, energy, and scarce resources sectors, has been building microsites within the Kentico infrastructure for a number of years, before finally integrating them into a multisite setup with the corporate site at the center. Kentico enabled implementation of all the immediate and known future requirements, including User Authentication, Multilingual, Online Marketing, Event Management, and a flexible and robust Content Management System. Certain market sectors required their own microsites to allow customized functionality while sharing Kentico widgets and templates. Another challenge was importing content from the previous website and this was overcome by using Kentico’s Import Toolkit. In the three weeks since launch (compared with the previous period), the website achieved these results: a 30% increase in sessions, a 49% increase in page views, and 13% increase in users.

Implemented by The Digital Embassy
Kentico Gold Partner

With more than 115 years of experience, MIGA provides indemnity insurance and associated services to the health care sector nationwide. Objectives of their new website were to achieve growth and preserve high retention rates from their existing client base as well as attract new prospects. Due to streamlining of user journeys, users can view more detailed information on MIGA services, read case studies, apply online, or contact MIGA directly through simple calls to action. Within Kentico, it is easy to monitor user behavior and present relevant content that will dynamically reflect their demographic. If they provide details through completing a CTA, Kentico can profile that user automatically for future communications. An example is the ability to segment this user type automatically for Email Campaigns, which are a Kentico feature. An integration with iBAIS facilitates Policy Renewal Payments, booking into MIGA events and conferences, and undertaking Risk Management questionnaires and quizzes.

Baking Mad
Implemented by Ridgeway
United Kingdom
Kentico Gold Partner

The Silver Spoon Company, part of Associated British Foods, appointed Ridgeway to evolve and craft the Baking Mad website as part of a long-term partnership. The website—which currently claims more than 400,000 users per month—provides the user with engaging content with new and innovative features and functionality to make baking an easy and enjoyable experience. It showcases recipes, tips, and insights for bakers with varying levels of skills. The customer needed a safe and secure website that offered an improved user experience that would increase their brand awareness. From a various range of Kentico EMS functionalities, Baking Mad are using the web analytics which gives them invaluable insight into how their users are interacting with the site and the recipes. They have A/B and MVT testing available, which they plan to use in the future to identify the best possible content for their users. To manage all Baking Mad contacts and users an end-client has available Kentico Contacts management and Contacts segmentation.

Beca - Engineering Consultants Website
Implemented by AKQA
New Zealand
Kentico Gold Partner

Beca is one of the largest employee-owned professional services consultancy companies in the Asia-Pacific. They offer a rich pool of engineering consultancy services as well as business and technology advisory, architecture, planning and environment, project and cost management, and valuation services. Their new website was designed to showcase how Beca make things happen, as well as provide a permanent resource hub where visitors, whether new or existing clients, or a job seeker, can quickly access the content they need. Searching for information was very hard on the old site but by using the Kentico Smart Search filter in the new website, everything is easier. Challenges that appeared during designing of Beca’s blog pages were overcome by Kentico Web Parts Customization, which gave AKQA full flexibility to achieve the required layout. Also, editors have got full flexibility on the site and all the pages on the site have been created through making good use of Kentico Widgets.

Birketts LLP
Implemented by Crafted
United Kingdom
Kentico Gold Partner

Birketts is a top 100 UK law firm with offices in Ipswich, Cambridge, Chelmsford, and Norwich, delivering expert legal advice combined with a high-quality and personalized service. From the very beginning, there were set clear goals: to increase site speed to assist with organic SEO and increase performance on mobile, to build a website on a CMS that would be easy to update and manage, and to create an information hub for Birketts’ core target audience with clear calls to action. Within the framework of a bespoke enquiry management system, Crafted utilized existing Kentico functionality to make custom modules and add them into the admin platform. Kentico’s media library ensured the media was structured in a way that made it very easy to manage. Cache handlers were utilized to create pages that are very fast but respond to changes in the content. The website has seen enormous improvements: contact submission increased by 200%, page views increased by 20% (by 50% on mobile devices), and session duration increased by 33% (by 35% on mobile devices).

Implemented by Tobania
Kentico Gold Partner

In-Lease, with their logistical centers and sales offices strategically spread throughout Europe, provides furniture rental needs. Within a custom-made dynamic facetted search, visitors can select the furniture they need in order to feel comfortable in their new house, apartment, or studio or they can choose to be guided in another checkout flow called the Fast Lane, where the predefined packages can be selected based on their room configuration, style, and renting duration. There is also a fully automated product importer, which is connected to Navision through Salesforce. Available products are always synced and imported daily as a Kentico scheduled task. Once the order is confirmed, visitors receive a generated PDF of the chosen furniture in their mailbox. To take the project to the next level, In-Lease has set clear steps for future development since they plan to fully integrate Kentico’s E-commerce Solution.

National Commercial Bank Jamaica Limited
Implemented by Discover IT
United Kingdom
Kentico Gold Partner

National Commercial Bank Jamaica Limited (NCB) currently stands as the largest financial group in Jamaica. With roots dating as far back as 1837, NCB has a pioneering legacy that has been sustained as the organization has evolved and transformed. They focus on maintaining a profitable organization, which provides highly competitive and innovative products and service offerings for their customers. They sought a new site which is modern and customer-centric. The website required features such as an interactive map to show branches and ATMs within the users search criteria. The map is rendered using a Kentico basic repeater and it’s based on Google Maps API. As a solution to the FX rates, Discover IT used NCB’s own web services to grab the content in order to populate a table, which then displayed all the current FX rates for each currency. The news page is resolved with custom forms fields for the page content. So, the user could easily add new news stories to the site.

Implemented by Ascedia
Kentico Gold Partner

Zurn manufactures the largest breadth of engineered water solutions in the industry, including a wide spectrum of sustainable plumbing products. Zurn’s previous website was not responsive and content management was a challenge as the company used SharePoint to manage product information and other site copy. By using the portal engine functionality in Kentico, Ascedia gave Zurn a great deal of flexibility and control in how they update and manage their site content. The primary goal for the website redesign was lead generation, so a user experience was created that aligns with the typical customer’s purchase journey. The website also needed improved analytics so that Zurn’s marketing team could easily measure and track user engagement. After the website launch, Zurn saw the following improvements compared to the previous year: website sessions increased by 7%, users increased by 22%, new sessions increased by 19%, and mobile/tablet sessions increased by 50%.

Shane Homes
Kentico Gold Partner

Shane Homes is an award winning Calgary home builder. They needed to improve their online appearance, to have a responsive website with an ease of navigation and a large social sharing component. Changes were needed in order to show real-time status of lots across numerous communities and phases so prospective clients could see the lot status (sold, on hold, available, show home) and Shane Homes could easily manage their lot maps within Kentico. To achieve this a REST service was exposed from the external system and interfaced with Kentico. Additionally, Kentico's flexible integration bus was used in the process. Kentico was also used to run an interactive Kiosk that was setup in one of the area's largest malls. The kiosk captured contact information using Kentico's web forms with integration into Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Shane Homes acquired more leads in the two-month post-launch period than in the previous 12 months. The new Shane Homes’ website was awarded the 2017 DotComm Platinum Award in the Real Estate category.

Sazka Ticket
Implemented by Bluesoft s.r.o.
Czech Republic
Kentico Gold Partner

Sazka a.s. is the biggest Czech lottery company with a long-standing tradition. Their broad range of activities is even more extended by this new online portal that allows the purchase of tickets for concerts, sports matches, and other events. Based on a positive experience with Kentico implementation in other projects, Sazka linked up with Kentico again. And as Bluesoft is adept at using Kentico, they mastered all third-party implementations with ease. A shopping process is handled by iframes and the whole technology is powered by Ticketportal/Hometicket. There is also an integration with Bluesoft’s predictive search API. It was also necessary to develop a module for synchronization of all events with third-party systems. The finished project is an easy to manage portal that follows the new Sazka design layout standards. The website also complies with requests for high page-speed results and mobile responsiveness.

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