Kentico Technical Learning: Deploying and Configuring Kentico CMS in Load-Balanced, Highly Available

This Kentico Technical learning session presented by Kentico CMS Gold Partner Bit Wizards will cover the deployment and configuration of Kentico CMS in a highly-available, redundant web farm. 
Topics covered will include network architecture, SQL Server configuration, .NET configuration, and Kentico CMS configuration and optimization.
Network Architecture
-       Server configuration
-       Load balancing
-       Traffic routing
-       HTTP/HTTPS considerations
-       File replication
SQL Server Configuration
-       Clustered SQL server architecture
-       Active/Passive
-       Database configuration/settings
.NET Configuration
-       Session state management
-       Web server configuration
Kentico configuration
-       Web farm synchronization
-       Best practices
This session is presented by Bryan Soltis, Senior Software Engineer at Bit-Wizards Custom Solutions, Inc. located in Fort Walton Beach, FL. Bryan has over 10 years of development experience, and many successful projects Kentico CMS projects. Bryan has integrated Silverlight, Flash, web services, and other components into Kentico-driven sites, as well as SharePoint services, custom ecommerce transactions, and additional custom functionality. Bryan is a Certified Kentico Trainer and was one of the first Kentico Certified Developers.
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